Chow gets two-year extension

A UCLA spokesman confirmed the two-year extension for UCLA offensive coordinator Norm Chow, which will take him through the end of 2012. There is no comment on the financial specifics until the final deal is signed.

This is very important for UCLA; they finally seem to be gaining some stability, which plagued the team during the mid-2000s. Ben Olson had a different offensive coordinator for each of his years at UCLA. Kevin Prince and Chow have a very good relationship, and I think Prince is earning the full trust from his offensive coordinator.

Chow has said that he wants and expects this to be his last job, so he just might be riding off into the sunset besides Prince.

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  • Dean

    Wonderful news. Hopefully the pistol works and Norm can be this generation’s Homer Smith.

    And here’s to hoping we don’t see another Steve Axman as the next OC.

  • Anon

    I’m very excited about continuing the offensive dominance that Norm has already shown at UCLA.

  • Anonymous
  • ucla34

    Hey “Anon” leave your sorry A** jackwagon responses on the SUC websites! Kinda hard to have offensive dominance when our previous coach Karl Dullard didn’t know how to recruit and we had no playmakers and a sorry A** O-line! Think b4 you speak “Bub”

  • UCLA Dynasty

    SWEET! Norm is the genius of offense and he will lead us to a 45-3 domination of SUC, book it!

  • Hollywood Bruin

    I’m loving this. Norm is a big time o-coord and now he has the play makers to make UCLA big time. Our offense should be significantly better this year, arguably in the top 3rd of the pac-10. I think our D will be top 3rd of pac 10 as well.

  • yann

    If is name was not Norm Chow, would you still be impressed? This is like getting an elite athlete, but at the end of their career…yeah on paper it looks great, but just hanging on for a paycheck because someone stupid enough to pay him.

    How many more years we going to wait? If he is really great, he should be able to produce no matter who is on the team.

    Sure, next few yrs could be solid, but until then he has been a bust. I don’t care what he prior to ucla, what has he done here? tired of everyone giving this guy a pass.

  • Anonymous


    I agree. A great player should be able to produce no matter who is on the team.


    Lebron James


    Can’t wait til next season. Finally going to play with some good players!

  • Anonymous

    As bad as he is, sc still wanted him.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Chow and UCLA. The offense hasn’t taken off yet, but he hasn’t had a lot to work with. He’s had a JC QB and redshirt freshman so far. The offense will be much better in the coming years with more talent and more experience.