Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Jon, excuse this Q about Southern Cal, but something weird is going on and i wonder if you notice it, or is it just me? i understand the shock Southern Cal is going through, but i can’t understand how it is ex Coach Carroll continues to “play dumb” about the multiple infractions. it was just “all this STUFF happened!” and “compliance took care of that, what? was there a problem?” it seems ludicrous such a detail oriented, intelligent man could sudenly turn into Jethro Bodine when he is questioned about all this. tell me you have not been taken in!! – Ghost of Charlie BucketI can understand why he’s taking the play-dumb approach, but I also think it says a lot about him. People are seeing through it.

2) How are former Bruins Chris Forcier, Dominique Johnson, EJ Woods, and Aundre Dean doing at their new schools? – Redondo BruinForcier went 9-13 in the spring game and appears to be a contender for the starting spot; Johnson had 43 catches for 741 yards and six touchdowns and is one of the top returning wideouts in D-IAA; Woods isn’t playing anymore I think; Dean is fourth on the TCU depth chart at running, despite being bounced to safety during spring ball.
Seems like the offensive line is the weakest link/unit that could improve the most. However, with Xavier Su’a-Filo on his mission, why is this line going to be any better than last year? – BruinBall
The line is more than one man, and the extra time with Palcic and Chow and the experience of those who do return should make the line improve.

4) Mr. Gold, your USC cohort (Mr. Wolf) would enjoy the opportunity to cover EPL soccer games, if given a preference what sport (aside from UCLA sports) and/or league would you like cover if given the option (e.g. Denver Broncos, rugby)? Thank you in advance. – GilliganI would love to cover the NBA, high school football in Texas and the NFL in a city that cares about football.

5) Jon, what is your non-biased opinion of coach Calipari as a recruiter and coach? If you were an A.D. at a basketball powerhouse and you could choose any current NCAA coach who would be your top 5 candidates and why? My top 5 would be coach k,Izzo,Pitino,Williams,Calipari in that order. Thanks. – SCH8RI think John Calipari is a product of the time, in every way imaginable. I don’t like what’s become of college basketball, and particularly what Kentucky did this year, but at this point, it’s all a joke. My Top 5 would be Izzo, Coach K, Jim Boeheim, Mark Few and Bobby Knight.

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  • MichaelRyerson

    You and Wolf should trade gigs for a week. Would be interesting. Be good for both of you.

  • Anonymous

    Would be good for the both of them in what way? Who are the suppose to get the information about the opposite school for? They dont have contacts at the other schools, and wouldnt be given an inside information worth posting. It wouldn’t be good for anyone.

  • alreadygone

    To ucla34

    Just like the movie A Few Good Men ,”You can’t handle the truth! “

  • j_doe

    Dean is 4th string at TCU?? So he couldn’t crack the starting line-up there either.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Oh, give me a break, 60-70% of what these guys post comes from some other media outlet. Contacts? hahaha. What, their ‘contacts’ would stop calling them? They get a hot tip then post it on the alternate blog. It’s the interaction with the readers that would be interesting and the attitude they’d display about the ‘other’ school (Wolf would be at a disadvantage ’cause our guy ain’t a fan).


    Before the internet SC-ucla antagontists were merely conceptual not actual. But now the wires have put a “face” on the extreme naysayers, and it seems this has further and more deeply undermined SC-ucla relations.

    Case in point, this “Ghost of Charlie Bucket,” posts incessantly and obsessively on the SC blog and now he has posted still another SC question on the ucla blog.

    This guy has the same old refrain: “That Scott Wolf is the greatest scooper of all time, that Wolf can out scoop anybody, what a sweeet scoop he just made, and let’s hear it for Scott Wolf–aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuoooooooooooo!”

    Now, the first time one reads this obviously exaggerated account, one can see some humor. But ol’ Bucket has printed this same mantra about 50 times this year.

    Come on, bruins, you have to be more creative than “Bucket.”


  • Anonymous

    Devon Blackmon’s facebook says his college is UCLA. WHAT?!?!?!