Quotables: ASU’s Dennis Erickson and Thomas Weber

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson’s Opening Statement: “The biggest change, and the thing that is exciting for me, is how much better we’ll be on offense. We’re doing a lot of different things: four-wide a little more, no-huddle. It was a lot of fun in the Spring for us.”

Erickson on the East Coast swing: “I thought it was really good. We got to spend time with the media there, got to go to the New York Times, which I read quite often. It made an impact; people know who we were.”

Erickson on having quarterback issues: “We had Rudy the first two years, and he was pretty good, particularly the first year. When he left, we were in between. Now that we’ve recruited Brock Osweiler and Steven Threet, we feel good about where we’re at.”

Erickson on the team’s imbalance: “We have not been good on offense. When you’re one or two on defense, but you finish ninth on offense, you have to correct that. That’s the difference between us being a really good football team and an average football team.”

Erickson on the Pac-12: “I like it. Bringing Utah and Colorado in brings in two great TV markets. I like the idea of splitting into two divisions. College football is all about big games. To have that at the end of the year is very exciting, and obviously will be a national game, which is important for the league.”

ASU kicker Thomas Weber on his recovery: “At first when I got injured, I just wanted to do whatever I could for the turn. After the season, I gave myself some time to rest, but I got right back after it.”

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Quotables: WSU’s Paul Wulff and Kevin Kooyman

Washington State coach Paul Wulff’s opening statement:
“We feel we’re a very young football team, but we have a quite a bit of experience. I think you’ll find a dramatic improvement in our football team. You’ll see a surprise team this year out of Washington State. We’ve been building this football team the right way.”

Wulff on Jeff Tuel: “Of course, we’re very high on Jeff. Jeff came in a year agho, this teme he was about 190 pounds, he’s now 214-215 pounds. He’s gotten bigger and stronger. Unlike a lot of freshman who came in last year and came in and January, Jeff came in August. We threw him to the wolves. Heading into his second year, I feel Jeff is every bit where those (former WSU stars) were.”

Wulff on the East Coast Pac-10 swing: “All the head coaches, you find out they’re actually pretty good guys. We had some good bonding time out there. Just to be able to be there physically and get eye-to-eye contact with the media, I think they were excited by that. They felt honored. Wow this is a unique opportunity for them, to have us in their backyward. We’re nowhere near where we need to be, but without question, we gained respect.”

WSU defensive end Kevin Kooyman on being picked 10th for the third straight year: “The last two serasons have been pretty rough. We’ve been picked 10th the last two years, and this year. You have to ignore it. This year, we’re going to shock some people. We don’t care about the rankings. It’s more of a distraction, and you have to ignore it.”

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At the Rose Bowl

I’m down here at the Rose Bowl for the West Coast version of the Pac-10 media day. Rick Neuheisel and Rahim Moore are down here representing the Bruins, and I’ll have some videos up later.

That’s right, folks, the newest addition to the Inside UCLA team: The Flip Cam.

Rather than transcribing quotes for the blog, I’ll be posting more and more videos, bringing you closer and closer to the Bruins. Hope you enjoy…


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Love, Westbrook among 15 Team USA finalists


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (July 28, 2010) — Following four days of training and an intra-squad exhibition game that were held July 19-24 in Las Vegas, Nev., USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo today announced that 15 players had been selected as finalists for the 2010 USA World Championship Team.

Named as finalists for the USA World Championship Team were Chauncey Billups (Denver Nuggets); Tyson Chandler(Dallas Mavericks); Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors); Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder); Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies); Eric Gordon (Los Angeles Clippers); Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers); Jeff Green (Oklahoma City Thunder); Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers); Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets); Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves); Lamar Odom (Los Angeles Lakers); Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics); Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls); and Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder).

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