Very (very, very) quick chat with Tyus EdnEy

The big news, first of all, is that I spelled Tyus EdnEy’s name right here. I don’t know why I have so much trouble with EdnEy but I always forget the E. For the time being, the E is being capitalized. I need to break this habit. E. EEE. EEEEEEE.

Secondly, I just chatted briefly with EdnEy, but his phone is dying and we’ll catch up more tomorrow. He only had time for a single quote, but it’s an interesting one:

“It’s really exciting for me. It’s going to be a great opportunity, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Having a chance to come back to my university, I feel like I’m coming back home.”

I’ve always wondered why there seemed to be somewhat of a disconnect between some of the team’s older stars and the new generation, but maybe this bridges the gap a bit. EdnEy is a good guy, and I had the chance to sit down for lunch with him this summer, and he was very interested in getting into the coaching profession. This should be a good first step.

Regarding former UCLA DBO Joe Hillock, he told me he’s headed to Stoneridge Prep to become the new varsity head coach. Joe has wanted to get back into coaching, and he was up for the CSUN women’s head gig that went to Jason Flowers. Good move for Joe, who was great to me in the short time we worked together. I’ll chat with him shortly.

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  • Evan

    Seriously, how do you have a job at a newspaper or that matter writing anything? You might have passion, but you seriously lack talent.


    Since when did you work together with Joe Hillock?

    Did you work for the team before you started working for LA Daily News?

  • MichaelRyerson

    tough room.

  • spedjones

    love it. Still remember where I was watching the Missouri game and EdnEy’s magic run up the court.

  • william

    As a USC Grad this is hard for me to do. But, as a Long Beach Poly grad I must say that UCLA made an outstanding decision. Tyus Edney is not only an intelligent man but you would be hard pressed to find many more whose hearts are as blue and gold. From one Poly grad to another Fight On Jackrabbit! May you succeed in all your endeavors except those that involve USC!!!!!!!

  • The Big Woof!

    And he can work to improve our weak point guard play – no one better to help in that area of need.