Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) How do you think Pat Haden will do at USC? – Anonymous
I think he’ll run a tight ship.

2) By way of framing my question… My son is a naval officer currently attending Nuclear Power School – an intense year long school of which half is classroom and the other practical experience. This is a rigorous school with no room for failure. Yet they have a 90% graduation rate. So the question is this: am I to infer from the defense of Brehaut and others about the difficulty in learning the UCLA playbook that the playbook is harder than Navy Nuke School and if so, what does that tell you about the playbook? – e3
It’s all relative. To a naval officer who comprehends the use of nuclear power in nautical exercises, then the school, while difficult, would seem relatively easy in comparison to learning an entire playbook. But the common misnomer when tagged with the “he’s still learning the playbook” line is that people think it has to do the actual memorization of the plays. They have the plays memorized. But putting them into action, and reading a defense, and anticipating a blitz and the pre-snap checkdowns and the post-snap checkdowns and the hot patterns…and and and. It’s a never-ending process to hammer down the plays, and it takes longer for some to feel comfortable than others.

3) Who wins in a sumo wrestling match- You or Sam Strong? – Anonymous
Sam’s a great guy and editor, and I love the Daily Bruin – which is weird, because they were my chief rivals in college – but I’ve got size. Me, no doubt.

4) From what you’ve seen and heard, who starts at PG next year, Laz Jones or Jerime Anderson? – DN
I think Anderson starts but Jones is nipping at his heels.

5) If Jake Locker is a Heisman finalist and/or top 10 draft pick, is Hundley going to Washington? – Anonymous
I think Hundley will have his decision made before then. It’s a simple decision, but it’s a tough one to who go we get if hundley goes to washington? Is junior pomee a big get for us? it looks like he is going to commit to florida.

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  • Biff

    Coming from sunny Arizona would Hundley like the 365 days a year of rain in Seattle? Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    In response to question #2, I was on a nuclear submarine and we had several officers and a few enlisted guys who seemed like morons but made it through nuke school, especially the electricians. They were very “book smart” but if you tried to have a conversation with some of them, you would walk away thinking they were idiots. Not all of them were like this though.

  • Anonymous

    Guy asking #2 just wanted to brag that his son was in some special nuke program. This is why Dohn had the 50 word limit. Just ask the freakin question!

    I thought Jon did a great job answering the question though. A playbook is not just memorizing the name and figuring out who lines up where….especially for a QB.

  • j_doe

    I don’t get the question about Hundley. Jake Locker is a senior and gone no matter what. If Hundley wants to start right away, he can go to UW regardless of what Locker does. BTW, Locker will end ranked behind Luck, Barkley, and Foles in terms of QB ratings this year. Locker will still be the first QB selected in the draft though.

  • PowderKegBlue

    And let’s not forget that we’re talking about college students here, the guy not only has to do all the things Jon mentioned but also go to class and study for that as well. Sure, the athletes have tutors and study groups, but working on your playbook is a lot different than learning Psychology, History, and whatever other classes he’s taking and that can take up a lot of bandwidth.

    I’m sure Nuke School is tough, but if that’s all you’re doing all day long, surrounded by people doing the exact same thing you are, then I would expect that you’d be able to have a high graduation rate.