Weekly Q&A

Hey guys,

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.

I have a ton of questions to pore over, so this will be a pretty loaded Weekly Answers…


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  • Anonymous

    Is Devon Blackmon one of our silent commits?

  • Jungleland

    When Colorado joins what will be then be known as the Pac-12, Neuheisel will have been the head coach of three different football teams in the conference. Has any other person ever been the head coach of three different football teams in the Pac 10 (formerly Pac 8)? Same question re any other major conference.

  • Choneyrun19

    I was watching Dietrich Riley’s highlight videos and he’s really talented. Do you see him overtaking Hillard at some point and if not, what steps do you see the staff taking to maximize his talents? Also, what do you think of our OL commits to this point? I know they’re projects, but do they project to have a real impact or just provide depth?

  • benji

    SDo u see the ucla football team being over rated or underrated by the media?

  • Objective UCLA Fan

    As Stephen Colbert would phrase the question: “USC Trojans — great football program, or greatest football program?”


    Why accept new questions… did you even get to any of the questions asked last week?

  • 909Bruin

    Jon, now that CRN finally has some horses on Offense, is he the killer instinct type of coach that wants to avg 50 pts a game or a nice guy ‘sportsmanship’ coach that will avg 26.1 pts per game????

  • Bruin05

    Why have you not posted anything on the Say No Classic? The tournament would have been a good oppertunity to see how the guys look? Any word on how Smith is doing?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, I was wondering with all of the Arizona exposure on immigration policies; do you think this will have an impact on both Arizona and ASU’s recruiting efforts in all of its major sports? Thank you in advance.

  • How would you describe the reaction of Jim Harbaugh’s to your question of sustaining their momentum for the season? He is quite the sound bite machine.

  • Resource Guy

    Are there changes to the football jerseys? If so when do we get to see them?

  • Brewin’

    Hi Jon, can we get an update on Nik Abele? When someone like him medically retires, are they able to stay active with the team, go to practices, watch film, etc?

  • Anonymous

    Petros calls you the mandible. Thoughts? Can we see a picture?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, are you disinterested, or too busy to do this blog? I get more updates from twitter. I bet after this football season u r gone.

  • awash

    Wolfe made a comment that SUC might be going after JC players in order to sign 25 players and therefore subvert the 10 schoolie reduction penalty for next season. He said the SUC would have a hard time getting some academically qualified as they do not accept a “D” grade in coursework, whereas UCLA and other’s would accept a “D”. Can u lend any truth to this statement.

  • Vinicius Carvalhosa

    Any chance on LB Tony Steward?

  • Ben G

    Does Tyus Edney make any difference for the point guards on the current team? Does he get to work with them directly in his DBO capacity? Can they benefit from him?

  • Anonymous

    so with three incoming freshmen dismissed, and two new players in (Bell, Griffiths), does that free up one scholarship for this year? and if so, shouldn’t Andrew Abott get that one?