The Other Brett’s Decision: Hundley weighs in

Had a long chat with Chandler HS quarterback Brett Hundley,’s No. 5 quarterback in the country, and UCLA’s top quarterback target. Really, the only quarterback target that matters for the Bruins this offseason.

Hundley has drawn raves for his multi-dimensional game, but make no mistake, he’s a thrower’s quarterback. Kid loves the pressure, loves the game and loves making the decisions. He’s faced with a tough one right now: UCLA or Washington.

Coming out of the interview, I didn’t get the impression that he favored one over the other, but if it comes down to non-football matters, which we discussed in length, UCLA could get the edge. Hundley is very interested in pre-med, and he UCLA’s medical school and hospital is playing a factor.

I’ll split the interview into two parts, one for today, one for tomorrow. Too long for one post.
I will say, this is a bright kid who is enjoying the recruiting process without getting either inflated or overwhelmed by it. I think his rather incremental ascension – he hasn’t been studied for years, but he isn’t exactly a workout wonder – has had a good effect on the talented quarterback.

Stay tuned for part two…

You haven’t done many interviews recently as things have started to heat up; was that a conscious decision, and have you been trying to keep things managed?
Brett Hundley: “The thing of it is time management. My coaches help me with it. We just have to manage our time. We started school last week, so school has started, football has come in, and a lot of that takes up time. During the summer, I was free to do anything I wanted, I could talk to anyone, do every interview. Now, with school, football, homework, man – you wake up at 5, go jogging, go to school, get out around 2:30, football practice, out of practice around 7, homework, and by 8:30 I’m ready to hit the sack.”

Talk about the pressure involved in this decision, knowing that you’ll make one fan base ecstatic and crush the other:
“It’s nice to know that whatever school I pick, I will have these fans to support me. This is a good thing. I can’t ever be mad at that. I know the L.A. fans are crazy for football, and I know the Washington fans are good too.”

When did this really blow up for you?
“The first time all this stuff blew up was after I won the competition at the Steve Clarkson camp. That was a spark with a fame in oil. Things went crazy. My name started to get out there, and it was really nice. It’s been a really good experience – a once in a lifetime experience – but it blew up really quick. It’s fun; I’m not trying to take it for the ride, but it’s a good experience to have.”

So you finally narrow it down to UCLA and Washington, two teams who haven’t had much success in recent memory…
“It was really a coincidence. It just so happened that these two teams stuck out the most. They have had some great teams – the programs might not be in the national championship picture right now, but both are going in the right direction. If I can go to one, I think I can help them get into that national ranking. It’s weird how those two came about, but those two stood out. Everyone thought I’d go to Oregon, but that wasn’t the case. But Oregon is a great school, too. You can’t get nicer than their facilities. But overall, when I thought of the schools, UCLA and Washington stood out.”

How much is the “football” really going to factor in for you, as opposed to the people, the location, the school, etc.?
“It’s both, to be honest. A lot of quarterbacks base the decision just off football. That’s not the right way to go. You have to make sure what school is right. It has to be a fit for school, the people, the place; but does it also has to deal with football. You have to win some games when you’re there. But they aren’t the same. You want to go to a school where even if you don’t win, you’ll enjoy it. The school is good at least that. You don’t want to go just for football.”

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  • Anonymous

    thanks jon

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, the University of Washington actually has the Number 1 med school in the US…

  • The key point to remember is that UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center is the top ranked medical facility west of the Mississippi and ranked #5 overall in the United States. UCLA earned 24 points in 14 specialities in the latest 2010-2011 rankings.
    UCLA is indeed a cutting edge program!
    Details at:
    Best Hospitals 2010-11-The Honor Roll
    See link at:

  • Anonymous

    Troy Aikmen if you read this we need your help buddy give this guy a call………. Go Bruins!!

  • Time Manager

    Hundley: “We started school last week, so school has started, football has come in, and a lot of that takes up time.”

    Start school in July?

    I realize they start construction in AZ at 6:00 am, but I didn’t realize they start HS in July?

    Mr. Hundley may like that UCLA in on the quarter system and will feel at home going to pre-med school in the summer after windet and spring terms so he can concentrate on football in the fall.

  • Anonymous

    To Anon 9:58 PM–you are an idiot. Washington’s med school is decent, but in a lower tier compared to UCLA’s. You obviously have an agenda.

  • Ralph Bunche Fan

    UCLA has Norm Chow who has developed three Heisman’s and six first round picks, Jackie Robinson, a higher ranked undergraduate school, is MUCH closer to Arizona, far hotter looking girls, warmer beaches, nicer weather, a better night life, the Lakers…. Washington has rain 365 days a year, the Space Needle, and Salmon. The med schools are about the same. How about UCLA for undergrad and exploring opportunities for Med School when the time comes?

  • Anonymous

    fellow Bruin fans,
    first look up the USNWR rankings, and remember that medical schools, and hospitals are different..

    Medical schools ranked by research:
    UW #6, UCLA # 11
    Medical schools ranked by primary care:
    UW #1, UCLA #14.

    UCLA #5, with 15 highly ranked specialities
    UW #8, with 8 highly ranked specialities.

  • Watty

    I have an idea – play football at UCLA and attend med school at UW.

    Everybody wins!

  • spedjones

    thank you Jon. See, we knew you could actually get good info if you just tried.

  • Anonymous

    We also knew sped wouldn’t stop being a tool – is he part of the UBTA??

  • spedjones

    ahh, the anon anon, my favorite poster.

  • rich_in_la

    the top med school the poster is thinking about is Washington University in St. Louis. Not the University of Washington. I don’t even know if University of Washington’s even has a med school.

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t even know if University of Washington’s even has a med school.”

    My sarcasm meter must be broken or you shouldn’t be discussing school rankings.

    #1 in Primary Care, #6 in Research

  • Gippee

    “I don’t even know if University of Washington’s even has a med school.”

    Read it and weep, Rich…

  • Anonymous

    I’m a med student at UW and heres the link supporting the claim above. It is both current and substantiated.
    When I applied to med schools, UW and UCLA were both incredibly highly regarded, but UW does a better job snagging research funding, which ultimately swayed my decision (I believe the UW Schookl of Medicine / Medical Center get more federal research money than any other program).

  • Anonymous

    Ordinarily, I hate when fans from other schools troll sites and comment, but today you can blame Ted Miller at ESPN for linking this to the PAC-10 Blog.

    Primary care ranking list (UW=1, UCLA=14):

    Research ranking list (UW=6, UCLA=11)

  • Kevin

    I’m curious if Hundley is aware that the Udub out ranks UCLA med school in US News?

  • UW fan

    Both UW and UCLA are top 10 medical schools. I worked at the former for years and have numerous friends who attended the latter. I looked closely at both for my residency training.

    I agree that overall, UCLA has a bit better undergraduate program overall. But when it comes to medical school admissions, the name of the Pac 10 school on your degree carries no extra weight unless it is spelled S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D.

    If he can establish state residency in CA by attending undergrad at UCLA, he can then apply to all the UC medical schools. We only have UW in WA, and you can’t get into either a UC or UW without being awarded state residency status.

    However, they say it is easier to get into Harvard’s medical school as a Californian than it is to get into your worst UC. So he might be slightly better served in that regard coming to UW. Hard to say.

    The easier road would be going to UW or UCLA now and applying to UA’s medical school after graduation…if he doesn’t get detoured to the NFL.

  • Joe Bruin

    Please keep in mind that the kid needs to finish his undergraduate education before moving on to any medical school and Washington University is far behind UCLA in regards to undergraduate studies (See the link below). In addition, UCLA has a higher success rate of Pre-Med students actually entering medical school.

  • gw

    Wow, UW fan. That was a totally reasonable and intelligent post. Very refereshing.

    If UW’s fans are mostly like you, the kid is better off going to Seattle.

    Besides, the smog gets to the heads of the LA people, cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain. How else do you end up with shows like “the hills.”

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Washington University (12) is above UCLA(23), but I’m sure you were referring to the University of Washington (42). With the way these reports fluctuate annually, I think it would be a stretch to say UW is “far behind” UCLA. Both consistently rank in the top 10 public schools. UCLA tends to be more highly regarded domestically, while UW carries a much higher international regard (ranked 7th globally by Chinese and Korean magazines).

  • Allen

    Rich, Im a UCLA grad but Washington has a medical school that is at least at UCLAs caliber. The school in St Louis cant compare.

  • anonymous

    Ralph Bunche Fan: “UCLA has Norm Chow who has developed three Heisman’s and six first round picks…”

    Do you have even the slightest, most vague understanding of how a college football team is run?? Have you followed college football in the past decade?? You think NORM CHOW developed Palmer and Leinhart?! He’s the offensive coordinator! He calls plays and develops offensive schemes. He’s a strategist. He probably spoke to Leinhart, Palmer and Bush once or twice per practice at most. He spends games IN THE BOOTH.

    You know who developed Palmer and Leinhart (and Locker) into Heisman-caliber quarterbacks? The quarterbacks coach! Steve Sarkisian. And he’s done the same thing with Locker. Look at his completion percentages Fr and So vs. Jr year–up almost 20%. Noone develops guys into better pro-style QBs, maybe with the exception of Josh Heupel at Oklahoma.

    Rick Neuheisel never developed a pro-style QB. Marques was a triple-option guy and Cody Pickett a great prospect Neuheisel never developed him into his potential.

    If having an NFL career is in Brett Hundley’s future plans, UW is the easy decision.

  • anonydawg

    Anonymous said:
    To Anon 9:58 PM–you are an idiot. Washington’s med school is decent, but in a lower tier compared to UCLA’s. You obviously have an agenda.

    At a certain point, this discussion stopped being about Hundley. So because this is now about who has the better ranked medical school, let me just beat that dead horse, one. more. time.

    Nothing like some unbiased cold hard facts to win a debate.

    And I’ll say this in defense of undergrad at UW; At least we know how to research and support our arguments.

    Sorry Bruins, us dawgs get plenty of trolls on our board too and it’s no fun, but if you can contribute and make your point, well then we’ll listen. Oh, and sorry in advance about Ricky.

  • UW fan

    I disagree with the UW-leaning “anonymous” who posted above, in his criticisms of Chow and CRN.

    I agree that UCLA and UW are close enough academically in their ability to help this kid with his dream of going to medical school, that football should be an important part of his choice.

    And I do agree that there are some reasons to think that UW may be a better choice for him in some ways…primarily the fact that they will use a primarily pro-set for the next several years while UCLA is having to experiment with this pistol/veer thing. That could potentially retard his NFL development, and could also be a horribly failed experiment. But that’s for Brett Hundley to worry about.

    I don’t agree at all that Chow doesn’t develop QBs. I dislike CRN, but I think he and Chow have a long history of developing great college QBs. CRN was instrumental in making Tui and Pickett into much better players and was instrumental in Koy Detmer’s are Kordell Stewart’s careers. Chow has been instrumental with multiple BYU guys, including a record setting college QB named Sarkisian. Throw in Leinert, Palmer, Phillip Rivers, and he’s been a QB guru. I think that’s indisputable.

    I am baffled why CRN and Chow have yet to get better QB play at UCLA, but it has only been 2 years.

  • Anonymous

    Rich in LA and Anonymous @ 7:27 a.m. you both obviously have no computer skills the UW is ranked 6th nationally in research and 1st as a primary care school. Check it out at They and UCSF are the only two rank in the top ten in both.

  • the1

    Firstly, the nonsense about school rankings is getting old. The criteria for those rankings are so bogus in the first place–most of them are based off of surveys of a few hundred students on campus–that they are almost irrelevant. That’s why each one differs so much. Some might have UW #1 and UCLA #10 and another might have UCLA #4 and UW #30.

    Secondly, the odds that Hundley ACTUALLY goes to med school after college are slim-to-none, regardless of what he says. The football is in this kid’s future after college. Maybe not forever (and after a few years of playing pro football he may decide to go back to school) but there is no way the ranking of the med school is affecting his decision. I would bet he doesn’t do pre-med at school.

    I was a biology major at a Pac-10 school and walked on for 2 years on the football team. I had to drop football because there was no time for both with chemistry/biology/physics labs and evening practices. In Hundley’s case, it’s going to be the other way around because he is at school to play football first. I’d put my money on him finishing with a less time-demanding degree.

    Also, on a side-note: A lot of times quality of undergraduate degrees are inversely-related to the amount of research and the funding that the graduate schools receive. That’s because the professors that teach the undergraduate classes are only teaching so that they can get funding for their research instead of actually wanting to teach.

  • Anonymous

    UW he can have one coach for 4 years. No way Slick Rick
    lasts that long at UCLA.

  • the1

    Do you think he goes elsewhere after succeeding at UCLA or gets fired/quits?

  • UCLArt

    How’s Josh Shirley holding up in Seattle, UW fans?

    You must be proud of your school giving a suspected thief and expelled UCLA student-athlete a second chance.

  • Newport

    There’s something to be said for the value of relationships. I doubt you’ve spent much time with Josh and his family evaluating him and his character. Sark however, has, and because he feels, based on a lenghty recruiting relatonship, that Josh deserves a second chance and can be a low-risk contributor, he extended an offer.

    It is pretty clear that the UW football program is not lenient with crime or even violations of team rules (e.g. Kavario Middleton) and that this acquisition was well thought out and ultimately in-line with protocol. Additionally, Sark has a little more good will built up than CRN (or rather, less goodwill depleted) and is permitted by his AD to use a little more discretion.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Uthug is #1 in medical toilets and #6 in band-aid placing? I bet they’re #1 in pizza rolls too! Bottom line uthug losers, LA >>>> Seattle, UCLA >>>>>>>>>>>>> Uthug. Try not to commit suicide all at once.

  • Anonymous

    actually, Univ of Wash has the worst med school in the world, behind Upstairs Medical School of Afghanistan.

  • Mont lake jake

    ok he said the education aspect is part of his decision but it honestly comes down to football and U Dub is looking a lot better in that catagory right now no matter what you say about the 2008 season. The Dawgs are returning to where they belong in the top teir of the nation

  • “Wow, Uthug is #1 in medical toilets and #6 in band-aid placing? I bet they’re #1 in pizza rolls too! Bottom line uthug losers, LA >>>> Seattle, UCLA >>>>>>>>>>>>> Uthug ” Let me interpret this for rational people: ” I have no valid or interesting statements to make, but did somebody say UW? F— UW! Yeah! Wait even better, F— Seattle. Yeah! I like Beer! My earhole hurts.” Must be a ucla grad. Or Stone Cold Steve Austin. And to the Shirley haters, with a little help from UCLArt “How’s Rick Neuheisel holding up in LA, UCLA fans?
    You must be proud of your school giving a known liar, cheat and gambler and fired UW coach a second chance.

  • UW Fan


    I think the overwhelming majority of my fellow serious UW fans are pretty excited about Shirley’s migration to be honest. He was a kid we wanted pretty badly at signing day and thought we had a shot at. Hats were off to UCLA that RN was able to reel him in.

    After the purse-snatching, I was sooooo hoping the rumors were NOT true and he would not be coming our way. But he did. I’m part of a very small minority though.

    Initially upset, I’ve moved on. Up until this point, Sark has done everything right, and run a tight ship. I anticipate Shirley will be on the shortest of leashes. We’ll see what happens.

    Good luck with your season and recruiting. I hope you guys lose Hundley to us, but it sounds 50/50. We’ll see.

  • flyonthewall

    He’s not going straight to Med School from high shcool so it doesn’t matter with school has a better Med School. He’s not making his decision base on which has a better Med School so everyone should stop debating a non-issue.

  • seatown

    I was happy when Shirley came–he fills a big need in our team at outside LB. And he wasn’t expelled from the school–he was dismissed for ONLY fall semester and kicked off the team, so he decided to transfer. Get your facts straight.

    Coach Sark runs a tight ship–much tighter than Neuheisel did when he was here. And the fact of the matter is that UCLA would have done the same thing if Chris Polk or Desmond Trufant were dismissed from UW and wanted to enroll at UCLA. Are you telling me that since he snatched someone’s purse he can NEVER play college football? If UW hadn’t taken him, someone would have.

    You’re just pissed that you don’t have him and that he’s about to light up Prince when your sorry team comes to Seattle this year. And I can’t wait to see Locker run over your middle linebackers.