Datone Jones breaks foot

UCLA junior defensive end Datone Jones broke his right foot in practice today and we’ll be out for several weeks. UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel was forlorn as he addressed the media, clearly plagued by the loss of one of his defensive stars – Jones was a College Football News sophomore All-American honorable mention – and he could give no time-table on his return yet.

Jones had X-rays that confirmed the break, and Neuheisel surmised that Jones would be out until at least October. Neuheisel said Nate Chandler would likely move to defensive end with Justin Edison, Donovan Carter and David Carter manning the inside.

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  • Anonymous

    Damien Holmes!!! Step up!

  • Fauxshow

    This sucks. Datone was tearing it up in Spring practice.

    I’ve broken my foot. While it takes weeks to heal, it doesn’t really feel comfortable until 5 months or so later. (see Logan Paulsen).

    Thanks again Adidas!

  • doctorclark


    I was trying to find the article you’d linked to in http://blogs.dailynews.com/ucla/2009/04/gotta-be-the-shoes.html but I couldn’t find it. What was CRN’s response? In my experience, Adidas shoes are far too narrow for my feet: how can the shoes not be at least partly to blame for our players’ foot injuries?

    Also, I seem to remember that MJD strongly preferred Nike shoes, and went so far as to marker-out the Nike swoosh so that he could wear them in games.

    Perhaps it’s time to ask CRN again about shoe issues? Perhaps it’s time for CRN to talk to Adidas or Dan Guerrero about shoe issues?

  • UCLArt

    This is no joke.
    I broke my ankle and foot a YEAR and a HALF ago, and I’m still limping.
    We don’t know the extent of the injury, but this is not good.
    Great point, VB, about the artificial turf.
    Somebody better step up.

  • Count_Blah

    I bet if your fellow Bruin “fans” didn’t post such horrible, disgusting, and vile things on Scott Wolf’s blog then this injury might not have happened. Basically, you guys deserved to have this happen. I believe it’s called “KARMA”. Goodnight now.

  • BruinSE

    I’d be interested to see where Ben Olson had his break, where Logan had his, etc. Getting hard not to suspect the shoes…

  • samohopar

    UCLA is not the only team in the country that wears adidas. Are other teams with adidas shoes having their players break a foot every other day? If not, it’s something other than the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    How many times does Nate Chandler have to change positions. Hopefully Graham, Holmes, Tepa, Owa, and Stokes can man the outside and Chandler can remain in the middle.

  • Mars Blackmon

    It’s gotta be the shoes!

  • BruinFaithful

    FFFFFFFFFFF stupid turf. Why can’t we take care of this already? Why can’t somebody ask Casey Wasserman to write a freaken check and be DONE with this? RETARDED!!!!

  • UCLArt

    Four idiot trolls does not lead to bad Karma, Count Blah.

    Just as one Heisman trophy winning murderer has nothing to do with sc’s recent sanctions.

    Karma shwarma

  • The Aqua Buddha

    Karma, indeed. Bow down beside the creek and beg the Aqua Buddha for mercy, and only then will your team’s injuries cease.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the turf on Spaulding the same stuff teams like the Cowboys used on their new field? I definitely know there are chunks of rubber and sand mixed into the artificial grass out there, and that it’s supposed to be much safer than the old style turf. But where there is smoke (Paulsen, Olsen, now Jones with foot injuries), there is usually a fire.

    Perhaps it’s the shoes, perhaps it’s the players, perhaps it’s the field, perhaps it’s just bad luck…oh well, better now than later into camp…Other players have to step up.

  • Coach Thom

    I’ve never been a fan of artificial turf, but teams all over the country practice and play on it. Players get banged up on good ol’ Mother Earth as well. Injuries occur, often self-inflicted, and there’s not much that any team can do about it. I’m praying that Datone’s break is not a long-term set-back to his career.

  • hkbruin

    Don’t forget about Pat Cowan’s foot either… Oh what could have been….

  • Count_Blah, KARMA only victimizes those that make fun of injured players, which is what you’ve done here. So I hope that because of your stupidity of making fun of this injured player, your trojan team will not suffer some “major” injuries specially to your “prized” QB. Better pray hard buddy. šŸ™‚

  • trojanidiot

    Karma? There you trojans go thinking again…

  • OWA