Post-practice update

* Datone Jones will have surgery on Friday on a broken bone in his right foot and is out at least 10-12 weeks, UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said. Nate Chandler and Damien Holmes got the reps at Jones’ spot on Wednesday, and all indications are that the two will battle for the spot, with Keenan Graham and Iuta Tepa still fighting for the other spot. Owamagbe Odighizuwa continues to impress, but he’s still trying to grasp the intricacies of Chuck Bullough’s complex scheme, and is still a work in progress.

* “That’s the thing; can they handle the mental? Are they busting all over the place? We can’t have them making mental mistake. On the other hand, if athletically he’s the guy, and we have to trim the calls down, so be it.” – Chuck Bullough, on Owa

* Kevin Prince missed most of practiced with a pulled oblique muscle, a small injury that won’t sideline him for long. Nick Crissman and Darius Bell got the reps in his absence, and while Bell struggled a bit in the passing game, throwing two bad interceptions, he has great footwork and could be a valuable weapon.

* Marlon Pollard and Akeem Ayers both had very nice interceptions.

* Freshman DB Anthony Jefferson has not been cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse, but is being allowed to participate in practice, though he was not in shells with the rest of the team.

* Ayers is using his hands incredibly well this year. I saw him take an offensive lineman and shuck him to the ground before engaging with another, and if Ayers continues to be as physical, perhaps Jones’ loss is not as damaging as it initially seems.

* Nick Crissman had a real zip on some of his balls, and he had a number of nice passes, though there were some drops.

* Neuheisel was not particularly pleased with the early practice offense, and things were much smoother in the later session.

* Morrell Presley looked great on some plays and awful on others, and he’s nowhere near his potential yet. Once he irons out all the kinks, he could be really, really good in that F-back role.

* Malcolm Jones had a great touchdown run that elicited a solid applause, and he’s showing his ability quickly. Watch out for him.

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  • UCLA 2005

    Kevin Prince is really made of glass. If it’s such a minor injury, is it worth missing valuable reps that are so limited before the season? He really needs to learn how to suck it up and stop getting injured so often, or just play through the pain.

  • Anonymous

    He would play through the pain, as he has done before. But this is practice… you should listen to allen iverson.

  • Hollywood Bruin

    It kills about Datone, he would have been such a force on defense. From this interview,, it sounds like Rahim and Datone live together.. If Datone redshirts this year, he would be very influential on Rahim to come back for his senior season.

    About Prince, oblique strain? wow, I mean really? I don’t appreciate the comment above about being made of glass, but this kid really needs to get to as close to 100% before the season starts.. Oblique strains are real and happen and they aren’t that benign. It will have an impact on every work out he does secondary to those muscles being used for core stabilization.. His trainers need to really jump on top of this.

    It’s nice for Crissman and Bell to get reps, but realistically, Brehaut is our ticket and while red shirting him would be nice, getting W’s is really the bottom line.

    Hollwood Bruin

  • j_doe

    absolutely redshirt Jones if he is missing 12 weeks.

    Strange, no reps for Brehaut. Is he injured too?

  • Anonymous

    seriously… Brehaut?

  • Bruin JD

    Brehaut has been working the 2nd string all week in the afternoon practice and has been looking solid

  • Coach Thom

    Redshirting Jones might be a good idea, but it depends on how the other guys perform and if any sustain long-term injuries. I like Bullough’s flexibility; he’s willing to alter his scheme, if necessary, to suit the player. Owa is only a Freshman. He’s got a lot of time to learn the system and develop. I believe a 3-4 scheme should be looked at if more of our DL go down. We’ve got rapacious LBs. Send them charging into the opponent’s backfield play after play. Chandler and the 2 Carters could man the D-line in a 3-4 set.

  • Todd

    Chuck Bullough’s complex scheme?

    You must be kidding.

  • UW Fan

    The staff is letting a guy practice who has yet to make it through the clearinghouse? I’ve never heard of that. Are you sure that’s not some sort of violation?

  • Hollywood Bruin

    UW Fan,

    NCAA is allowing Jefferson to practice while the clearinghouse is doing their thing.

  • UW Fan

    “UW Fan,

    NCAA is allowing Jefferson to practice while the clearinghouse is doing their thing.”

    Initially I found that odd. We had a FR DB last year who had to sit until he got cleared by then, which didn’t happen until after about 6-7 practices.

    So thus I assumed you were not eligible to practice until cleared. Perhaps it’s OK, and he was not at practice as he was completing a last minute class or something. I dunno, I would have to go back and check. But I want to say he had his work in, they were taking a while to evaluate it, and he was not allowed to participate until they got the approval from the NCAA.

    Maybe Jon can answer this.

  • Anonymous

    gold, you had bell ” throwing two bad interceptions”, while “Marlon Pollard and Akeem Ayers both had very nice interceptions” … were these perhaps the same interceptions? if so, gotta love the bipolar nature of those particular picks.

  • UW Fan


    Here’s your answer:

    1) I like to read about UCLA and other league competitors. Both UW and UCLA are bubble teams this year. I cAn get a better sense of how my team is going to do by reading also about your’s. Also, we share a number of recruiting targets.
    2) I like Jon’s reporting
    3) Given my team’s past history with RN, I’m intrigued enough to follow how he does down there.

    I certainly wish your team no ill will and hope they have a great season, provided they don’t make things harder for my own team…

  • Watty

    UW Fan – in the short time you’ve been commenting, you’ve already far surpassed VB in class & contributions to the blog. Albeit, the bar is LOW.

    Weirdo VB? From the guy who stalks beat writers of a school he never attended? “Hey Jill/Jon/Dohn, you comin’ by the tailgate, we’ve got steak and crab. Can we take a photo with you for my stupid website. Can I Facebook you? PLEASE!!!”

    LOL! Now THAT is weird…

  • Bruintx

    Ditto to Watty’s comment… UW Fan, you’re more than welcome here. Maybe we can trade you for VB. He can go hang at a U-dub blog somewhere and torture the Dawg faithful with some of his ridiculous comments.

  • Mike H class of 90

    @Watty – agreed.

    Fans like UW Fan and gilligan are welcome here. I often go to the ‘SC site for exactly the reasons UW Fan has explained – similar recruits we’re going after, hearing how our chief rival is doing on the practice field, games recaps, etc. If you are a fan it’s natural to be at least a little interested in what’s going on “over there” and it isn’t Jon’s job to report on them. There are always a few guys who bring the conversation down a notch or three on these sites, though.


    Wow, for the most part that was pretty fair commentary, and on a sports blog, of all things

    I will say this about VB, that I don’t believe the guy writes honestly; I think he likes to be obtuse and contrary for the attention it generates.

    And one thing one would have to credit him for is that he can dynamite a lot of emotional responses out of his fellow posters.



    Mike H writes:
    “There are always a few guys who bring the conversation down a notch or three on these sites, though.”

    And as fate would have it the next comment is from…