• sandiegobruinfan

    Kudos to the fall camp updates and vids…much appreciated by this fan in the 619.

    1. What are your brief assessments of backup QBs Bell, Brehaut, and Crissman thus far? What is your prediction of the pecking order?

    2. For all the discussion of injuries due to the Addidas shoes, are there other universities that have Addidas contracts and have experienced similar dilemmas?

    3. Reaction to your hometown T.O. boy Steven Slater’s actions on the Jet Blue flight earlier this week? Justified or excessive?

  • Mike H class of 90

    1. Would love updates on Owa and Marsh – will they contribute early? this year?

    2. When will times be finalized for all of the home FB games…trying to make plans to come down for a few this year.


    Do you think Savage would leave Bruin Baseball to coach at Suc?

  • Anonymous

    Has Datone Jones used his redshirt year yet?

  • INawe

    I read that Morrell Presley has been working hard off season to improve his hands quoted saying, “’It was a lot of extra work, working hard, catching as many balls as I can. That’s what Chow emphasized to me. Catch as many balls as I can on your break, on the weekend. And then I got the playbook down a little bit more so I don’t have to think about that as much. I’m just focusing on getting my hands big and really watching the ball into my hands.” I’m curious if you know what Jonathan Franklin has been doing during the offseason to improve and kick the fumbling problems he had last season. Also how is he looking so far during practices?

  • INawe

    Do you think Coach Neu has been too harsh with punishments towards players (ie. Harris suspended for game one and the three kicked off the team) or do you think it is just right? Also, how do you think that compares to Coach Kiffen at USC for suspending Havili just for one practice for sending a fellow player to the hospital? Or do you think that is completely unrelated and the moral of the story is that you should just not talk trash to an angry Polynesian?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, do you see the UCLA defense meeting the same high standards this coming year considering that they have to replace Price and Verner (as a USC fan I must admit both of them were really good and under appreciated players outside of the Pac 10); and the loss of Jones makes matters worse? Thank you in advance.

  • Bruin ’05

    I noted 7 teams of the Pac-10 receive votes in the preseason ESPN Power Ranking. What do you think of that and how it reflect on UCLA being voted #8 in the conference?

  • Anonymous

    Is this new pistol offense similar to the shotgun type of offense Homer Smith used in the 80s at UCLA? How is this offense different than Oregon’s?

  • Bruin JD

    Which of the returners have looked the most improved thus far in camp? Which of the frosh have looked better than expected? Worse?

  • UW Fan

    1) What do you think UCLA’s record will be this year? I seem to recall you projected 5-7. Is this correct?
    2) At this point, what do you think they finish in 2011? (I would say 8-4).
    3) Did it surprise you that all 3 of the purse snatchers elected to go elsewhere rather than enroll at UCLA in January?
    4) Do you think the discipline that Coach Neuheisel handed out to the purse snatchers came from him, or from university and departmental leadership above?


  • ucla34

    Enjoying the videos and thanks for the hard work! Have never reallly been impressed with Franklin. Does Jones have a shot at being the next Deshaun Foster and taking the starting spot? Also, will we see Carroll and Smith on the field at the same time? Last year Carroll and Austin were hardly ever on the field at the same time. I’m guessing not knowing the playbook was an issue.

  • http://www.brokenbat.org/news BruinBall

    Edney was hired as director of basketball operations. I think somebody from the Mater Dei program was hired as video coordinator last year. There seems to be quite of few auxiliary positions within the basketball problem filled by coaches/coaches in waiting etc. I think the NCAA restricts who can coach and recruit so what do these positions do?

    When does putting game videos together go from being a technician to game planning to coaching? Seems kind of like a gray area.

  • Anonymous

    People seem to be blaming the turf and adidas for team injuries. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Could Mitch Mustain have transfered to UCLA under the NCAA exception? Would he have a shot at starting?

  • http://www.brokenbat.org/news Bruin Ball

    Is there a date by which the configuration for the PAC-12 will be decided?

  • AlanW

    Cannot believe that another starting lineman will be a casualty of academics (Baca). Considering what happened to Kai, I would think that they would be ever vigilant on making sure their Oline remained eligible. Does he have any chance of winning his appeal?

  • Go Bruins!

    So whos to blame for all the academic issues? Granted, the students are to be held at fault, but who on the UCLA Staff was asleep at the wheel?

  • pr

    What happened to Demitri Papadakis?

  • Anonymous

    I love the video interviews. I was just wondering if every now and again, if you could include practice action? Obviously not plays for all to see. Just some of the platers making a nice catch, run, tackle, etc.

  • Blue Bruin

    Right this moment–as you write this–is UCLA’s offensive line better or worse than the end of last year?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following UCLA football for over 10 years and I guarantee you UCLA leads the nation in sprained ankles, broken foots, etc. Something is going on with the field, the shoes, or something else. WHAT IS IT??

  • Hog

    I think Dorrell’s inability to land a high-caliber QB contributed most to his “downfall.” Do you think Neuheisal faces a similar situation with the offensive line?

  • Task Master

    For the guys who are currently or recently academically ineligible, what is the threshold for eligibility and that a UCLA or NCAA standard to which they are held?

  • JJA42

    With the injury to D. Jones, will that force the staff to use Ayers more at DE than planned?

  • JW

    What is the status on the off-season basketball injuries: Malcom Lee and Brandon Lane?

  • Anonymous

    I recall several of the incoming freshmen played both ways in HS. Can you give a rundown of which side of the ball they’ll play on in college?

  • Anonymous

    Question A: Guerrero and Neuheisel have some agreement with the admissions office that, if standards are lowered a little, Neuheisel will take responsibility for making sure players perform in the classroom and represent the university well. Is that true or false?

    Question B: If Question A is true, how does the spate of players academically ineligible and the three purse snatchers affect the admissions situation?

  • Anonymous

    What does it say about the state of college football that the three UCLA purse snatchers, as well as Jeremiah Masoli, can be dismissed for criminal activity (or the suspicion thereof)yet so easily land at other universities?

  • The UnfocusedWannabe

    Jon Gold, thanks for all your work. I’ve written a little something I hope will provoke thought amongst the players. How can this be placed on their locker room bulletin board?


    UCLA’s football team is preseason ranked in the bottom half of the PAC-10. To meet those lowly expectations, here are a dozen tips for losing games and the season:

    1. Focus, preparation and execution are needed for success, so when it’s football time think about girls, global warming, the fall of Troy – concentrate on anything but what it takes to do your assigned football task at the moment.
    2. Physical fitness – overtime rarely happen, so where’s the need to be tough enough to play for 5 quarters. And why would you even want to own the 4th quarter when you could stand with hands on hips, sucking wind, and feel sorry for yourself? And since speed kills, and you are what you eat, bulk up with fat to slow down.
    3. Know your opponent? If you really study an opponent’s play making skills how are they going to surprise you? And why would you want to challenge yourselves to counter whatever the opponent tries to execute? Sounds boring to me.
    4. Stretching and warming up are for sissies who want to avoid injuries. Also, act childish and pummel a teammate who has done well, thus you could injure them and thereby give a lesser player a chance to participate.
    5. It’s easy to be featured in the highlights of other teams: Throw an interception, fumble the ball, blow the coverage, don’t pursue or miss a tackle.
    6. Playing a penalty free game requires intelligence, self-discipline and a desire to frustrate the opposing team. Thus, reward any player who commits a stupid penalty, like a chop block or clipping, as they will negate a gain or kill a drive on offense, or sustain the opponent’s drive on defensive.
    7. Since you are perfect, why listen to constructive criticism – what could the coaches or your teammates possibly know that could help you?
    8. Get down on yourself and wallow in despair, especially keep making the same mistakes so you won’t improve.
    9. Even though there is no “I” in Team, a player can affect Team Spirit by claiming the glory for a win and placing the blame on others for a loss.
    10. Prove your manhood by getting drunk, doing drugs, fighting, stealing and/or generally misbehaving to deprive the team of your talent.
    11. As a college student, slack off academically and you’ll be ineligible to play ball.
    12. And remember, the really good games are decided in the last two minutes, so to enjoy that losing feeling count a win before it is earned.

    To be losers, let’s see how you need to handle the first 4 games in the 2010 schedule: 1. At Kansas State: A first game loss will validate lower expectations, and it will make losing future games easier too. Just go in there with the mind set that you beat them last year and that they, as an improved team, are not going to seek revenge on their home turf. And as with any away game, especially if it is in another time zone, make sure to arrive in a dehydrated and exhausted state.
    2. Home for Stanford: Forget that they have a top tier QB and OL. Instead, fool yourself into thinking that without Heisman finalist Toby Gerhart they are going to be a pushover. As your first conference game it’s important to play weak and blow this one.
    3. Home for Houston: Air Force nullified Houston’s prolific passing game during the Armed Forces Bowl, so don’t do what they did. Our offense better not run the ball to use up the clock, and hold back on the pass rush to give their QB time to hit his targets so he can generate 400-500 yards of offense for their win and our loss.
    4. At Texas: If you’ve done the opposite of my advice and have a 3-0 record then this game is made for you to lose. All you have to do is buy into the hype and go in there cocky; fantasize that a win over the Longhorns will mean an easy cruise through the PAC-10, and that after a perfect 12-0 season, followed by a BCS bowl win, the Bruins will be national champions… Reality check: While no current players were involved when the 1997 Bruins humiliated Texas 66-3, the Longhorns of today will be charged with administering a punishing payback for the debacle in Austin 13 years ago.

    “Sincerely” – The UnfocusedWannabe

  • ryan

    Can you list the new walk-ons that have reported to camp this year and what kind of play should be expected out of our d-tackles?

  • Ben G

    What is the real story with Ben Olsons’ last injury in his senior year? Neuheisel said “he was probably wearing the wrong shoes”. Now with the Jones injury more questions are raised about the practice turf. What does Ben believe happened to him?

  • Go Daddy

    Why does the uclabruins.com site (UCLA’s official site!) still have a collage of Dragovic, Roll, and Keefe at the top of the page? Can you mention it to whomever maintains it?

  • captainqtp

    If you were the coach, where would you put Damien Thigpen and Anthony Barr?

  • JJA42

    “The only Slater that matters to me is A.C.” I’ll tell Jackie.

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    What has happened to Brehau? Is he red shirting? I havent herd anything about him in weeks

  • Bruin Fan 44

    Can I get an update on Chane Moline? I’m watching the Raiders/Dallas game on tv and i saw him on the sideline. How’s he doing on the Raiders? Appreciate all the hard work.

  • Anonymous

    You should put the a Q&A button on the ucla daily news front page, it kinda gets lost in the blog

  • Jungleland

    So what happened to the three scholarships from the Hedrick 3? I assume one went to the JC OL transfer. Did any walk-ons get a one-year scholie for this year? Also, I assume CRN will use the remaining 2 scholies for this year’s recruiting class.