Post-Practice update

* Kevin Prince, Joseph Fauria, Josh Smith, Aramide Olaniyan, Patrick Larimore and Jordon James all missed practice with various injuries.

* Prince hopes to be back Sunday or Monday, and Fauria is day-to-day as well.

* Jordon James has a tweaked hamstring, and while in full pads, did not participate. He won’t be out long.

* Dietrich Riley had a crushing hit on Anthony Barr in the flats, and he looked really good in pads. He’s a player. Defensive backs coach Tim Hundley raved about him to me after practice, and while there is good safety depth, I think he’ll see the field.

* Hundley on Riley: “No one here is ever going to let experience supersede ability; if he’s ready to play, we’re going to play him. There is no question he has some physical plusses. It’s all about getting things figured out. But freshmen play these days, they really do, so if he’s ready to go, we’re going to play him.”

* After the Riley hit, I heard a fan remark, “Wow, now that’s a freshman there.”

* Nick Crissman had a nice touch pass to Ricky Marvray for a touchdown over Damien Thigpen, but Thigpen has looked solid at cornerback.

* Sean Westgate and Steve Sloan worked with the first-team defense.

* Nate Chandler had an absolute beast of a bull-rush today, busting through the line for an easy sack. Chandler has really good hands, and I think his time on the OL might actually pay off for him on defense.