Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Did it surprise you that all 3 of the purse snatchers elected to go elsewhere rather than enroll at UCLA in January? – UW Fan
Not surprised in the least. Only that it took so long.

2) Do you think the discipline that Coach Neuheisel handed out to the purse snatchers came from him, or from university and departmental leadership above? – UW Fan
From what I’ve been told, he made the decision.

3) Enjoying the videos and thanks for the hard work! Have never reallly been impressed with Franklin. Does Jones have a shot at being the next Deshaun Foster and taking the starting spot? Also, will we see Carroll and Smith on the field at the same time? Last year Carroll and Austin were hardly ever on the field at the same time. I’m guessing not knowing the playbook was an issue. – UCLA34
I need to see Malcolm Jones and Jordon James in pads over the next couple weeks to really judge their potential impact, but I will say, Franklin is better than you think. He has a couple flaws, as most young running backs do, but he is a quick, steady runner, and behind a decent offensive line, he could break out. Regarding Carroll/Smith – yeah, they can see the field together. They should be out there together for four-wideout sets.

4) Edney was hired as director of basketball operations. I think somebody from the Mater Dei program was hired as video coordinator last year. There seems to be quite of few auxiliary positions within the basketball problem filled by coaches/coaches in waiting etc. I think the NCAA restricts who can coach and recruit so what do these positions do? When does putting game videos together go from being a technician to game planning to coaching? Seems kind of like a gray area. – BruinBall
The DBO is more of an administrative position than coaching position, and the video coordinator has no coaching duties. Of course, most guys who get into the field are trying to be coaches. That being said, for a guy like Edney, who needs to absorb all he can at a D-1 program from a coaching/administration level to make a big step into coaching, this is a great gig.

5) People seem to be blaming the turf and adidas for team injuries. Thoughts? – Anonymous
Injuries happen everywhere. I’m not saying either are completely blameless – and I do think the shoes are an issue – but this is not a unique situation.

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  • Martin

    Jon –
    Q5 is asking you if the turf or shoes are to blame for the injuries UCLA suffers every spring/fall practice NOT if its unique to UCLA. I don’t understand your posturing.

    Second, as a reporter it would be nice if you did some researching and REPORTING and looked into if it is actually unique to UCLA. Maybe read other injury reports from across the college football world and see if other NCAA football teams are having similar problem with shoes (specifically Adidas). I just want some facts instead of taking the word of UCLA officials who have a vested interest in having addidas as their sponsor. I could be wrong but isn’t that what reporting is all about.


    Here is one prognosticator’s opinion, albeit a thoroughbred idiot, of the ucla season:

    Optimistic opinion: 9-3

    Kansas State– win (not a great team)
    Stanford– win (at home; will surprise)
    Houston– win (not a great team)
    Texas– loss (well, it is Texas afterall)
    Washington St. win (well, it is Washington St afterall
    Cal loss (away game; too tough to win)
    Oregon loss (away game; No. 1 team in Pac-10)
    Arizona win (no gimme of course, but winnable)
    Oregon St win (srrong team; but at home)
    Washington win (away game; but will surprise)
    Arizona St. win (more talent)
    SC win (at home; emotional game)


  • Below .500

    From what understand, UCLA is one of only three schools that have that type of turf. It’s too bad the program can’t use Drake and Spaulding on a rotational basis, and use real grass. After all, their home games at the Rose Bowl are on grass.