• Excited

    This is exactly what our team needs, and this from the second string. I am getting a little too excited about the season. Great interview Jon. Oh and by the way, it is Mano-o-Mano, and I think it is awesome that a UCLA DB knew the phrase and not you. Great job Jon.

  • Wouldn’t that be man-or-man? Isn’t it mano-a-mano?


    lmao Jon is right it is mano-a-mano!BURN!

  • Anonymous

    Fire and Ice baby – Fire and Ice!!

  • Anonymous

    mano-a-mano literally means hand-to-hand not man-to-man.

  • Coach Thom

    Yep. El mano is the hand. Don’t know why the phrase got started in the first place…I think boxing is responsible…mano-a-mano meaning hand-to-hand or fist-to-fist, like in combat. Comprende, hombre? Anyway, I LOVE the attitude of these guys. I hope it’s catching on with the other players.

  • Anonymous

    just use a good source like webster.com, and if one uses that consistently, one can find pretty reliable info consistently. as they say, the origin is spanish, and in that language, it literally means hand to hand. but guess what, when we adapted it to fit our language, american english, and more specifically, talking football using american english, we use the more figurative meaning of man to man. so when we adopted it into english, we adapted the use to fit our meaning.

  • Sunset Bruin

    I love the interviews, Jon. They are a game changer on your blog.

  • Reformed Droog

    I love their excitement and confidence, but it’s easy to be excited and confident when everyone is tied for first place.

    Will this attitude remain when we’ve dropped a game or two? That’s the difference between a good program and a great program.

    I think that mental toughness is something that was missing during the Dorrell years, and early on in CRN’s reign. I hope these guys are a sign of things to come.