Pollard to transfer

UCLA DB Marlon Pollard has decided to transfer, a UCLA spokesman said. Pollard was part of a young logjam at cornerback and is apparently going to explore other options. He was behind Aaron Hester, Sheldon Price, Andrew Abbott and Courtney Viney on the depth chart and battling with freshmen Anthony Jefferson and Tevin McDonald for reps.

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  • MichaelRyerson

    Good luck to Marlon wherever he lands. The numbers game can be brutal.

  • INawe

    That’s too bad. Best of luck Pollard!

  • Roksinger

    Best of luck to you Mr Pollard…

  • anon

    Didn’t Pollard at one time was a verbal commit with us then decommitted to Notre Dame, and decommitted once again to sign with us?

  • VBs Cat

    Good Luck!
    i’ll miss his Mom. Very nice eye candy!

  • Best of luck to Marlon, I don’t blame him for transfering…unfortunately for him there is just too much talent at his position, but I’m sure he will land somewhere where he’ll get a chance.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to Pollard.
    scholie to Abbott?

  • Coach Thom

    Coming out of HS, Marlon was so highly rated. I’m a bit shocked, but maybe the level of competition was too tough for him. Udub might like to offer him a scholarship. Or maybe even $UC.

  • Anonymous

    VB – Why assume this open scholarship is good? Would it be good if Kevin Prince left and created an “open” scholarship? How about Datone Jones? After all he is injured.

    In the absence of any rationale behind your comment, your input on this blog item appears to be an excise in ego (i.e you only comment to see your name). How about contributing to the dialogue and put in a little thought before making unsupported comments?


    Nice to see most of the comments were quite positive about this kid and his transferring decision

    So often sports fans become turncoats when one of their “brothers” decides to take on another “mother” college.


  • Anonymous

    please just let us know where Marlon ends up.
    so far this year:

    Pollard -> TBD
    Knox -> Fresno State
    Mountra -> Montana

    Others who would otherwise still be with the Bruins in 2010…
    Raymond Carter -> Colorado State
    Aundre Dean -> Baylor
    Dominique Johnson -> Cal Pol SLO
    Chris Forcier -> Furman
    Josh Shirley -> Washington
    Paul Richardson -> Colorado
    Shaq Richardson -> Arizona
    (left out anyone?)