Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Why does the uclabruins.com site (UCLA’s official site!) still have a collage of Dragovic, Roll, and Keefe at the top of the page? Can you mention it to whomever maintains it? – Go Daddy
I’m sure it will be changed soon.

2) What happened to Todd Golper? Is he just buried in the depth chart? CRN mentioned Zumwalt in a after practice media interview but failed to mention Golper. – Roksinger
I think he’s still in the mix for a backup spot, but Zumwalt is getting a big look. Golper will need to try to make his name on special teams, a la Sean Westgate, to get his big shot.

3) Do you think that Datone will end up redshirting this season? – VB

4) Rahim Moore and Akeem Ayers = NFL bound after this season? – VB
Depends on their seasons. Moore needs to show he’s a physical safety as well as a ballhawk, and safeties don’t typically go very high, with a few exceptions like Eric Berry and Roy Williams. Ayers needs to prove he can be consistent and continue to improve his footwork. It’s not a given, but with big seasons, yeah, they could go.

5) From your perspective, is Kevin Prince “injured” or just “nursing?” Are they downplaying his condition in order to prevent a panic from the fans? – VB
I don’t think he’s injured, I think he’s hurt. There’s a difference. An injury is something that needs time to heal. Being hurt, particularly at quarterback, can change the entire throwing motion, and potentially lead to a serious injury. For the starting quarterback, you don’t handle them with kid gloves, you handle them with baby gloves.

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  • Anonymous

    I heard Golper is playing with a ruptured disc in his back.

  • Anonymous

    Not true on Todd Golper, he has some back issues but he definately does not have a ruptured disc.

  • tomas

    He is a tough hombre. When we played him in high school, he played on broken toe.

  • Anonymous

    That was the Arcadia-St. Francis game, 1st QTR Golper broke a bone in one foot and a hairline fracture in one on the other blocking the conversion kick. Played through the 3rd QTR, tackled Detrich Riley so forcefully that he lost his own helmet. Only came out of game after threats from his trainer and sports therapist.