Hundley visiting this weekend

Just got confirmation that Brett Hundley is indeed visiting this weekend, or at least that’s the plan. Hundley is UCLA’s top quarterback target – profile here – and arguably the most important recruit on the docket for Neuheisel and Co.

This will be one important visit.

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  • Kiffin

    Bring on the UCLA hostesses. Make him feel right at home.

  • Anonymous

    how much influence does chow have in this kid’s decision? from what i’ve been reading, he’ll retire once prince’s career at ucla is over in a couple of years.

  • spedjones

    he can retire earlier if Hundley chooses UCLA…because Prince will be done.

  • 909Bruin

    no head coach the Pac is better than CRN when it comes to recruiting. Yeah i said it!


    Do we want his official visit to be so early in the process? Seems that we usually lose the ones that visit early and then are “wooed” on later visits to other schools.

  • Reformed Droog

    No head coach in the PAC is better than CRN when it comes to March Madness pools.

    Who else has won $4.5M in their pool?

    Yeah, I said it! Gotta love the guy!

  • First Time Caller

    Doesn’t anybody remember that CRN was Troy Aikman’s coach at UCLA? And Aikman once mentioned that he was the best QB coach that he had……college & pro.

  • Anonymous

    @ Timing

    It’s not an official visit. He’s visiting UNOFFICIALLY. If he doesn’t decide, he can still visit officially later during the season.

  • Sam

    It’s not like Neuheisel hasn’t been around the NFL and college ranks for the last THIRTY years. Norm Chow is the best, but if he retired, do you seriously think Rick won’t or can’t bring in a top tier coach to replace him? And, yeah, Hundley will probably be starting by October of next year if he comes.


    Lucky duck, is it just me or is there an information overload here? Does anybody recall the only news we received about a sports team was from a newspaper? Now, through the wonders of the internet, we have turned these high school “potentials” into rock stars.

    Looking at inconsequential news for a brief moment, the U.S. is preparing to make war on Iran, and terrorists are getting closer to being able to nuke American cities



    As we’re trying to make it back to the national elite, I look back particularly to the last two recruiting classes. Coach Neuheisel has indeed brought in some incredible talent, the best in 10 years I would say. Those paying attention would agree that he has placed the UCLA program back on the right track. When mixed in with the current players, I say definitively that Brett Hundley is the single-most important recruit of the last 10+ years. He is the one player that will put us over the top. An important visit? I think so…

  • Coach Thom

    LAWYER JOHN must learn to get his priorities right. A war with Iran is small potatoes next to what Hundley eventually decides as per his university football program. Hundley is essential for our program! The dude can play on a radioactive surface better than any HS recruit I can think of. Even if the Rose Bowl is turned into a pile of cinders, Brett will be turning sacks into 20-30 yard gains. And you can take that to the bank…if you can find one. But, thanks for your concern, LAWYER JOHN.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    I hope Hundley is in powder blue n gold but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves as anointing him the starter under center next season if he indeed does come to Westwood. He still has to show he can master and manage the offense. Many people here said similar things about Brehaut last year and it’s taken him a full year to finally start closing the gap on Prince as far as offense management, making correct reads, knowing how to study film, etc.

  • Tirebiter

    RC3UCLA UCLA has never been part of the national elite in football, do i have to remind you that this is not the women softball blog. I would rephrase that statement and say that UCLA is trying to be relevant in football. and yes, without a good QB a program is worthless. Just my 2 cents

  • Anonymous

    guess we’ll find out if he really wants to be a doctor or not by where he picks.

  • UW Fan

    “guess we’ll find out if he really wants to be a doctor or not by where he picks.”

    Uh, maybe you’re saying he should go to Stanford then? Because when it comes to medical school admissions, the only Pac 10 name on your diploma that carries significantly more weight than any of the other nine is spelled S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D.

    Personally, I think Hundley should consider making this decision in January after he can see what the pistol does at UCLA. I would think he needs a chance to watch that offense for a season to evaluate how it works, whether it works, and whether it fits him. Until he has that information, I don’t see how he can confidently say yes or no to UCLA.

    And there’s no rush. Both UW and UCLA will hold the door wide open for him until he’s absolutely ready.

  • Watty

    Lawyer John, do you talk college football on Sam Harris’ blog?

    I know you’re in desperate need of attention, but let’s try to focus just a little on the topic at hand, mmmmkay?

  • Scott M

    Big time recruits heading to UCLA this weekend. Brett Hundley will be on campus trying to figure out where he wants to play and learn. DeAndre Daniels will also be on campus. DeAndre would be a great addition to Josh Smith and Tyler Lamb, and the rest of Ben Howland’s team. I hope you all can make the time to go down to campus to cheer them on and make them feel at home. Go Bruins!