• Anonymous

    one of many impressive attitudes among our freshmen – great job recruiting.

  • Dr. Mario

    That young man has what it takes. Period. Enough said.

  • Sid

    This kid is going to have a great career at UCLA. Can’t wait to see him out on game day.


    Don’t take the time to listen to these takes, but isn’t it a little extreme to cristen these kids because they are cool and articulate?

    The most articulate and seemingly cool animals in my kingdom are insurance lawyers who are beautiful, smooth, and oh-so-believable.

    God help us


  • Auric Goldfinger

    Is that another Lawyer John joke?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t give LJ a pass because he may not be aware that we have already read much, heard much about how well DR plays, including from CRN himself. Comments praising his attitude and potential on the field are met with ostensibly rational comments comparing them to slanted views of certain members of the legal profession. LJ, you are no better than the worst 10 yr old UCLA fan who you claim trolls on the inside usc blog. Stop fooling youself, do some introspective research, old man.

  • Sunset Bruin

    I generally enjoy reading LAWYER JOHN’S comments, but can’t figure out this one. One of the joys of college football is seeing the new kids come in and make names for themselves. This includes not only Dietrich Riley and Malcolm Jones, but also Robert Woods and Dillon Baxter.