Post-Practice Update

* A loud practice followed by a short scrimmage with short-yardage and live-action scenarios, which the defense dominated.

* The passing game continues to look crisp even without Kevin Prince, but the running game was stood up several times. Richard Brehaut is coming along nicely – kid really does have an arm – but the decision-making is still an issue. Remember: He’s a true sophomore, still very young, and that comes with time.

* Neuheisel challenged the offense by putting the ball at the 2-yard line for one scrimmage scenario, and it wasn’t pretty – several safeties and sacks and only two first downs.

* Eddie Williams left with concussion-like symptoms, but Neuheisel told me after practice that he won’t be going through the protocols quite yet. Darius Savage worked with the first unit and looked good, with a monster block.

* Owamagbe Odighizuwa was back but limited, while Patrick Larimore and Stan McKay were back in full.

* Josh Smith broke another punt return – albeit not against a live defense – and continues to impress. Damien Thigpen got a couple returns, too. He needs the ball. Simply put. Needs the ball. Too fast not to make plays.

* Catch of the day, no doubt: Nelson Rosario over Tony Dye while falling into the Gatorade jugs off the field. Touchdown counted, but Neuheisel screamed, “Get those out of there!” Rosario stayed on the ground for a moment while thrusting the ball in the air for emphasis.

* Neuheisel does not frequently call out the defense for good plays, but Aaron Hester’s break-up of a Brehaut-to-Rosario attempt made him walk about 15 feet just to say, “Aaron, great job. GREAT job.” Hester had another breakup of a – gasp! – Ricky Marvray play, basically poking the ball out. Not sure if I’ve seen Marvray not come down with the ball at all this camp. I did a double-take.

* Dietrich Riley, again, was a beast – no interceptions or fumbles – but he smashed Derrick Coleman on a run, blasting him back three yards.

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  • Rob M

    Who is this Riley kid?! Derrick Coleman’s a big kid… I wish they’d allow some video… can’t wait for the season to start!

  • robear20

    I talked to Riley at the Spring Scrimmage at the Rose Bowl, great kid. He was very excited about finishing high school and getting to work at UCLA.

    He grew an inch and gained 15 lbs. since I met him and he was pretty good sized then.

    Very nice and humble, he even helped an older lady (his Grandmother maybe?) down the steps onto the field.

    This kid is going to help the Bruins win 10 games this year, that’s right 10!

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • Coach Thom

    Great to see Darius Savage back in the mix and doing well.

  • These will be the longest 15.5 days of my life. This team is going to be exciting to watch not only on offense but also on defense.

  • Skeptical

    Is it me or is KP about to lose his job? I am curious, is KP’s decision not to play because he is injured coming from him or from the trainers?

  • UW Fan

    Sounds like a very gushing practice report from Job.

    I hate to say it, but it also sounds like UCLA is going to have incredible playmakers at WR and safety this year.