• Bruinjunta

    I’d like to preface this comment by saying I’m not a football player by any means, and I could never do what these guys do (two-a-days, dedicating my life to school+football). However, is it me, or does Christian have that I couldn’t really care less attitude. Count me as one that was drinking the koolaid last year when everyone and their mom as hyping this kid up in the preseason. I have no doubt that the coaches and media saw his talent, but it appears obvious that he doesn’t have that same drive as some of the other kids Jon has interviewed. Like any other Bruin, I’d love to see Christian do well on the field his last year, and beyond this year in life, but if I were interviewing someone for the F-back position, I’d want someone that shows he wants to punish defenses and have the ambition to get the job done. It’s obvious Jon is trying to help him out this whole interview and lead him along – couldn’t have been easy.

  • Hollywood Bruin


    I felt the same way during that video; I assumed he was exhausted from the day’s practice and really wanted to get outta there. But yeah, he didn’t have the Marvray “Gotta catch em all” outlook.

  • Bruinjunta

    I don’t want to read too much into it, since there were great guys with drive (Bruce Davis comes to mind)in the KD era as well. It could also just have to do with youthful enthusiasm of guys waiting their turn, but I think overall, the guys being recruited by CRN have more of the drive (the need?) to be the greatest. Ultimately, you have to WANT to be great, before something remotely similar manifests itself on the field at this level.

  • Bruin JD

    And it could just be that he doesn’t interview well and was uncomfortable being on camera. Plenty of very talented, very driven athletes just don’t have that star power and are uncomfortable with public speaking. It does not mean that he is not an animal on the field.