• Coach Thom

    Is it just me, or does Coach Rick seem a bit short-tempered and basically fed up with the interviews and the interviewers? His responses to questions by Jon Gold are short, terse, and certainly not friendly. Has Jon rubbed him the wrong way?

  • Anonymous

    Jeez, coach t, ya think possibly you couldda directed that q to jon? you have two audiences when you comment here. the blog readers and the blog author(s), which might be more effective at answering your q?

  • Doc

    John intimidated him with his mandible.

  • BruinFaithful

    Coach Thom:

    You sure it’s not Uncle Thom?

    Seriously, I think Jon and some of us on here are basically fed up with the asinine questions and comments by posters.

    How did you ever come up with your conclusion? First of all, Coach Neu loves the media. Unlike our previous Coach. Secondly, Neu is NEVER short, and wasn’t with Jon. He was very jovial, playful, and smiled the whole interview. WAKE UP!!!! Maybe the heat is getting to you.

  • Watty

    Seriously…Neu appears short tempered and fed up?? Guess we have been watching different interviews.

    I do think he’s clearly frustrated w/Prince’s injury.

  • BruinFaithful



    It’s 2 a Days fellas. Anybody here who has EVER played FB, knows what that can be like. After day 3, your legs feel like jello. Even though Neu isn’t going through the drills with the players, he still gets a bit worn. He’s almost 50 years old for God sakes. Plus, I think that all the concussions are indicative of a HIGHER level of intensity on the practice field this year. I think the coaches are pushing guys like never before. Coaches pushing guys like this can be physically and mentally exhausting on the coaches as well. This isn’t TMZ, stop the drama.