PMS Show Podcast

A couple people have asked on Facebook, so here’s the link to the Petros and Money archives, with today’s show. I’m about halfway through. Nothing too crazy: Talked about UCLA’s offensive line issues, Richard Brehaut/Kevin Prince’s maturation, Malcolm Jones, etc.

Listen Here

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  • romeojam

    awesome segment on PMS, mr. gold! how does it feel to answer the questions, instead of asking them? either way, great stuff! i hope you can become a staple on PMS from here on out.

  • Anonymous


    I think you were far too pessimistic about the Bruins and were too forgiving of Dorrell.

    The cheating program across town is beginning a multi-year downturn, yet you were over-the-top in emphasizing that the Bruins have to capitalize THIS year. Really?

  • http://sydney Corinne Medal

    It started oput ok then turned into the Petros talk about USC as usual, and make UCLA look bad show!!!


    Didn’t catch the interview, but Petros was being pro-SC and anti-ucla?

    Everyone is entitled to their point of view and biases color objectivity- my read is that Petros gravitates to being anti-SC to cement his illusion of being impartial- part of his Pac-10 analyst
    schtick (spelling?)

  • captainqtp

    Nice Job

  • Anonymous

    this was bull-ISH…

  • CL

    Way too pessimistic. You let Petros manipulate the entire conversation and work towards USC’s favor.