PMS Show Podcast

A couple people have asked on Facebook, so here’s the link to the Petros and Money archives, with today’s show. I’m about halfway through. Nothing too crazy: Talked about UCLA’s offensive line issues, Richard Brehaut/Kevin Prince’s maturation, Malcolm Jones, etc.

Listen Here

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  • romeojam

    awesome segment on PMS, mr. gold! how does it feel to answer the questions, instead of asking them? either way, great stuff! i hope you can become a staple on PMS from here on out.

  • Anonymous


    I think you were far too pessimistic about the Bruins and were too forgiving of Dorrell.

    The cheating program across town is beginning a multi-year downturn, yet you were over-the-top in emphasizing that the Bruins have to capitalize THIS year. Really?

  • It started oput ok then turned into the Petros talk about USC as usual, and make UCLA look bad show!!!


    Didn’t catch the interview, but Petros was being pro-SC and anti-ucla?

    Everyone is entitled to their point of view and biases color objectivity- my read is that Petros gravitates to being anti-SC to cement his illusion of being impartial- part of his Pac-10 analyst
    schtick (spelling?)

  • captainqtp

    Nice Job

  • Anonymous

    this was bull-ISH…

  • CL

    Way too pessimistic. You let Petros manipulate the entire conversation and work towards USC’s favor.