Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) With the injury to Datone Jones, the defense now has to replace the entire starting defensive line from last year. Which players seem ready to step up and have been clogging up the lanes, shedding blockers, getting sacks, and tackling for losses in practices and scrimmages? Also, is it true that the right and left defensive ends are not interchangeable in our defensive scheme? If so, why? What are their respective assignments? – Anonymous
I’ve seen more out of Damien Holmes than I expected. He’s really, really quick. People seem to forget – and David Carter was great about this in the last video – but these players come in highly touted. Holmes was the No. 6-rated end in the country when he came in. I forget, too. Nate Chandler has been very impressive, and with a year of seasoning, he could be all-conference next year. Justin Edison is going to surprise people, but I don’t think he and Carter will replace Price-and-fill-in-the-other’s production at DT. And UCLA has a strongside and a weakside end, and one is primarily for rush and one is primarily for run-stopping. I’ll ask Todd Howard a little bit more about it over the next couple days.

2) Football question. Can you rundown the injury list and give us an update, including when guys are expected back? Thanks! – Spencer
Off the top of my head: Fauria later this week, James later this week, Williams after protocol, Baca no timetable, Maiava they’re hoping October, but I think that’s pushing it, and Jones TBD.

3) Put your swami hat on, which true freshman do you think will make the two-deep? – Spencer
Given injuries and performance, I think Malcolm Jones, Dietrich Riley, Cassius Marsh, Chris Ward and Owamagbe Odighizuwa eventually make the two-deep.

4) From a purely physical standpoint (i.e. experience aside), would you consider darius bell an upgrade from kevin craft as, (a) a runner, and/or (b), a passer? – mike dubil
Runner, yes, drastically, but passer – from what I’ve seen so far – no.

5) What are the chances Pomee signs with UCLA? – UW FanHonestly, at this point, no one knows. I’ll say…33 percent. UCLA or Florida and then some late-bloomer each get 33 percent.

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  • UW Fan

    Thanks Jon.

  • Anonymous

    i’ll be surprised if barr doesn’t make the two-deep.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, Jon, are you sure your beat is the UCLA football team? I guess you never noticed a guy out there named Anthony Barr, bigger and faster than Malcolm Jones, who at times resembles a passable combination of
    Deshaun Foster and Marcedes Lewis? He’s not going to make the freshman 2-deep, huh? Are you watching the practices from a sink hole in the Spaulding turf?