Weekly Answers, Pt. 8

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1) It seems that not only are we getting the quality recruits now, but even guys that we tried to get are transfering in from the programs that they shunned us for. Are we allowed to actively recruit after they tell us no? Are there any that are considering transfering to UCLA? – AnonymousThey’re definitely not allowed to actively recruit, but I think what Neuheisel’s done is not only get top recruits, but make an impact in the minds of others. How many “top-threes” is UCLA in now compared to the past? A lot more. So when a kid isn’t happy in his current situation, or extenuating circumstances change a kid’s life, they’ll go back to the top three.

2) Hey Jon, great blog, thanks for all the hard work. Simple question, how did / is the Hundley visit go / going? Did you have a chance to talk with him? What do you think? – AnonymousI’ve called him several times, just as others have, but I don’t think he’s spoken to anyone since the visit. When I hear from him, you’ll hear from him.

3) Come on Jon, last week you know i didn’t really mean we’d score ’50 points a game’. I’m just wondering what type of mentality CRN has when it comes to scoring v. sportsmanship…. is he the type to keep trying to score or just run, run, run, punt with the lead in the 4th? – 909BruinI would expect him to run up the score until the game is in hand, and then try to rest the starters as much as possible.

4) If UCLA can’t land an elite QB recruit this season do you think CRN will be around to see this program get back in the top 10 or will someone else reap the rewards of his outstanding recruiting everywhere else and bring in there own big time QB prospect? – JbecksI think Neuheisel will have plenty of time to right the ship. I don’t think he’ll be on the hotseat even if they tank this year, and I can’t see them struggling next year unless crazy things happen. So yes, he’ll be around.

5) We heard last week that CRN intends on mixing the pistol with the regular pro offense. Considering that they haven’t practiced the pro set since the week before last year’s USC game (except goal line situation), do you think CRN is really going to mix it up? Fans in the stands all think it’s the pistol all the way. – SGVBruinSo do I. I don’t know how you go about trying to run an offense without practicing it. I think it’s Pistol or Bust.

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  • Peter

    I’d imagine they also practiced the pro set leading up to the Bowl game.

  • Just the facts sez:


    Your query “…this program get back in the top 10…”

    Makes it seem that UCLA football has been there often. While not to denigrate the team (I’m an alumni and fan), you’d have to go back to the 80s and 90s to see any such consistency:

    In 90 years of football UCLA has been a top 25 team in 32 seasons (35.5%) and within those 32, in the top 10 for 19 seasons (21.1%).

    The heralded Red Sanders had 6 seasons in the top 25 with four in the top 10 (including #1 in ’54), while the much maligned Terry Donanahue had 12 of the 32 top 25 teams and 5 of the 19 Top 10s.

    The almost forgotten Tommy Prothero had 4 teams in 5 years in the Top 10 (’65 thru ’69, sans ’68) which also included Heisman winner Gary Beban at QB.

  • spedjones

    Biggins had a talk with Hundley and it sounds like the visit went really, really well.

  • Anonymous

    @Just the facts sez

    It’s “alum.”

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Alumnus is the singular while Alumni is the plural. “Alum” is just short-hand for Alumnus.