Weekly Answers, Pt. 9

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1) The D line didn’t get very many “sacks” at the scrimmage unlike the previous public scrimmages. Does this bode well for the offensive line or is it a sign of a weaker D line this year? – Anonymous

A little bit of both, I think. I was impressed by the O-Line in the scrimmage, and I think the D-Line is going to struggle getting pressure.

2) How would you rank the Pac-10 quarterbacks? – Anonymous
Locker, Luck, Foles, Barkley, Riley, Prince, Costa, Osweiler, Katz, Tuel

3) Kevin Prince has dealt with a lot of injuries over the past few years (dating back to high school). At what point does this become a big enough problem where you start thinking about making Brehaut the guy? – Spencer

When any one of the injuries becomes recurring. Injuries happen in football, you do your best to handle them and you deal with it. If he would miss three games with this injury, maybe you start to look elsewhere.

4) With Jahii Carson committed to Arizona State, who is CBH going hot and heavy after? – Anonymous
Josiah Turner, and then maybe Spencer Dinwiddie.

5) Glenn Love moved from Safety to LB. How has that gone for him? Will he see playing time at that position over Westgate? – Anonymous
The move has been good, but not great. He’s still not getting the necessary leverage, and I don’t know if he will because of his height. He’ll get a lot of playing time, but I don’t know if he’ll be the answer. The coaches really like what they see out of Westgate, and he’s looked good in camp. Hard to tell at this point.

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  • UW Fan

    I thought you UCLA guys would want to know…

    Brett Hundley gave Greg Biggins at ESPN an interview and raved left and right about how great his recent visit was and how great the “pistol” offense looks and would fit him.

    You have to have ESPN insider status to read the full deal, but that’s essentially what it says. It’s on their recruiting page as of this morning.

    Personally, I hope it’s all lip service, but I figured you guys would want to look at it.

    He’s supposed to visit UW this weekend, and then potentially decide as soon as next week.

  • ESbruin

    Thanks UW Fan–Classy as always.

  • Legalsean

    The Bruins have stopped recruiting Dinwiddie.

  • wow

    seriously, riley is still playing? whats that dude, like 34?

  • UW Fan

    “seriously, riley is still playing? whats that dude, like 34?”

    He’s the active leader among current Pac 10 QBs in number of starts won…

  • Anonymous

    “seriously, riley is still playing? whats that dude, like 34?”

    “He’s the active leader among current Pac 10 QBs in number of starts won…”

    well that tends to happen when you been playing longer then all the other qbs

  • Anonymous

    At Oregon, Costa was beaten out for the starting role by a redshirt sophomore.