Weekly Answers, Pt. 10

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1) As of now what is the starting line-up on offense and defence?? do u think owa or D4 can crack the starting lineup during the season?? – Benji
You asked this on Aug. 22, but today’s Aug. 28, so I’ll answer for today, and in my opinion: Prince, Franklin, Rosario, Embree, Harkey, Presley, Sheller/Savage/Taylor/Williams/Kia; Chandler/Edison/Carter/Holmes, Ayers/Sloan/Westgate, Price/Moore/Dye/Hester. I doubt either of those two talented freshmen make the starting lineup, but both will play significant minutes.

2) Since 1998 when Ucla was riding 20 game win streak and had the last great QB in Cade McNown it seems Ucla has been somewhat cursed. DeShaun Foster got hurt, Freddie Mitchell, Drew Olson, Ben Olson, Patric Cowan, just to name a few, and last year we had injuries as well and now this year! What do you make of all this and our “key” players getting injured year in and year out? Great job btw! – UCLA34
Nothing to make of it. Bad luck.

3) Did you see Kevin Love on Entourage tonight? Haha, anyways, how do you feel about the Jake Locker/UW and Andrew Luck/Furd hype machine.. I think UW won’t make a bowl and Furd will finish with 4 conference losses.. am I crazy? – Hollywood Bruin
I disagree on the first, agree on the second. I don’t really understand the “team” hype on either of those guys. It’s not as if Washington got markedly better, and now they’re in the top-25? And Stanford loses Gerhart, but Luck will “contend” for the Heisman? Look, I understand the value of a good quarterback, I get it. But I think WAY too much is being made out of both of those guys because of the “measurables.” How many games has Locker won? I think both are good teams, but I don’t get the crazy hype.

4) When Barr came in, it wasn’t clear if he was going to play offense or defense. Is he definitely on offense or is his long term position possibly at LB? – John A
From what I’ve seen, he can be an offensive game-changer. Players like him don’t come around very often offensively. I’d make sure I got him at least three-five touches a game.

5) Your grade evaluation of the O-line before the start of the summer and right now (considering all the progression and injuries). – Anonymous
Before summer, B- and now C. The more I see of Savage, the more I like of him. I’ll be honest, I underrated him earlier without much time to watch. While from a leadership standpoint, Kia-Taylor is better than Taylor-Savage, I don’t think it’s a huge drop-off.

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  • Correction Police

    DeShaun Foster got caught driving a Hollywood Director’s rig.

  • ucla34

    Yes, that’s why he was suspended for the year, and btw was the leading heisman trophy contender. DeShaun was injured for long periods during his sophomore and junior seasons. No correctiong needed her bub!

  • ucla34

    Yes, that’s why he was suspended for the year, and btw was the leading heisman trophy contender. DeShaun was injured for long periods during his sophomore and junior seasons. No correctiong needed her bub!

  • alreadygone

    To ucla34

    With a OL getting weaker by the minute , it looks like a season below .500 for CRN .

  • ucla34

    alreadygone lets see what happens the first 3 games first. B4 the injuries I thought we had a great hance to be 3-0 heading into the Txas game. I still think that’s very possible! Have faith! UCLA F! F! F!

  • Karen

    Wow Johnny…Bravo. Try reading to posts down and you’ll see the qb situation. If Prince can go on Wed. he might start. Otherwise looks like Brehaut. Or do you need Jon to repost everything he writes every time he writes.

    Thanks Jon for the great videos and for the great reporting. It’s been great to get to know the coaches and players better this year before the season starts.

  • Anonymous

    A non-booster paid for less than one month’s rental on an SUV for DeShaunn Foster when his dad wouldn’t pay to have the brakes fixed on his clunker. The amount, about $800 was ratted out by an sc “graduate” working in a rent-a-car as a clerk (nice to see the value of a So Cal degree). It was less than was illegally paid by Matt Leinert’s dad, (an sc booster)for MANY months to buy sc’s Dwayne Jarrett a luxury apartment. Jarret made a deal to “pay back the money” to “charity” and never missed a game. For $800 that could’ve been paid back, Deshaun lost a Heisman trophy, a chance to be UCLA’s first 4000 yard career rusher, and the UCLA season was essentially blown after that, going from a #4 ranking to no ranking and no bowl by season’s end.
    BTW, there was nothing wrong w/ Foster’s junior season, unless 1000 yards is deemed unworthy. Thanks for jumping right in there with the facts, Jon.