Weekly Answers, Pt. 11

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1) It is funny to see the LA Times (Chris Foster/Dufrense) continue to hype USC football to the point of winning all their games (LOL). Last year I picked them to lose four games and this year I am saying they will lose 5. They have a new coach, new offensive co-ordinator(just hired a couple of weeks ago) and a new Defensive scheme they have to learn, plus a coach who has won nothing. Too much to learn to fast and a QB who is known for throwing interceptions. If they lose 5 will more and more recruits be heading to Westwood, and will Lames head be on a block for their boosters?Well, I don’t think they’ll lose five. But if they do, I think Kiffin has at least a couple years there. And yes, if they struggle, UCLA thrives.

2) Jon, what up buddy. Who “coaches” the F-Backs? – LBCbruinI believe the f-backs fall under the tutelage of Reggie Moore and Brian Sheppard as the wideout and tight ends coach, respectively, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t really just under the care of Norm Chow. It’s a very specialized position. And good to hear from you LBC, been too long. Make sure to join the chat next week.

3) So, is Willis admitted and practicing? What’s the deal? – AnonPaperwork is still being handled, and the thought it he’ll be in early September.

4) What happens next at UCLA… The football team returns to a B.C.S. bowl game, the basketball team returns to the Final Four, or the baseball team returns to Omaha? – Robert BBaseball returns to Omaha…next year.

5) With all the injuries to the offensive line, is there any chance Hasiak returns this year? Is he academically ineligible for the quarter or the entire year? – Sunset BruinHe’s gone for the year, but is back practicing with the team.

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  • Anonymous

    While I’d love to see football in BCS bowl, and BBall back in Final Four, baseball SHOULD be in Omaha next year. Returning one of the nation’s top 1-2 aces in Cole and Bauer, and I believe they have 6 incoming drafted recruits, one being a stud pitcher. Also look for strong staffs in TCU (also returning their 2 studs and strong recruiting class), Texas (even though they lost some to draft), and Fullerton (have 5 starters deserving of weekend rotation). Get excited to talk baseball whenever relevant to the blog šŸ™‚

  • 611 gayley

    was there a question in #1

  • Slow down and read 611?

    If they lose 5 will more and more recruits be heading to Westwood, and will Lames head be on a block for their boosters?

  • Anonymous

    How has Olaniyan looked? I remember him being a little thin, but he is explosive on his film highlights.

  • baseball fan

    it was a magical year for the Bruins, it was so close to game 3 for Bauer. W should not have let game get away from us!