Weekly Q&A

No practice today, so I figured I’d start the Q&A a day early…

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • SpencerStueve

    What happened to Keenan Graham? He was a 4 star stud recruit who appeared to be the starter opposite of Datone. Now, Datone is hurt and Graham isn’t in the 2 deep on either side. What’s up with that?

  • issixit

    I’d like to be the first to ask – how big is it that Hundley is now probably going to be a Bruin? Do you see any commits taking this as an omen and signing on because of it?

  • The Big Woof!

    I’m really appreciating the video interviews. It’s good to get an idea of what the players are like and to hear them communicate, would like to hear a little more from the linemen as opposed to the skill players. Now, my question, do you hope to be able to do similar interviews with the hoops players before and during their season? The Big Woof!

  • UCLA3

    Have we settled on the return game? KR – Josh Smith and ? PR – Josh Smith? Carroll? Thigpen factor in at all? Thanks.

  • Stephen Sims

    Jon, I see that the future schedules section of the official page lists only next year – all other years are gone. Are the future home-and-home with Nebraska and Rutgers off the table now with all the realignments? Or is it more that they have to wait for the divisional realignment to make new schedules?

  • Anonymous

    How has Olaniyan looked? I remember him being a little thin, but he is explosive on his film highlights.

  • Eatocracy

    I thought Omaha was the steak capital of the world. Yet in the recent podcast you seemed underwhelmed by your culinary experience there. What’s the deal?

  • spedjones

    Jones back to 100% yet? What about JJ?

  • gerry4ucla

    What the major difference between Prince’s game and Brehaut’s game? How much will we see from Bell this season?

  • GTBruin

    Hey Jon, it seems like Hundley has made a verbal commitment and will soon announce it publicly. Would you bet your house, your car, or a pack of gum on that commitment being to UCLA?

  • Nick

    Can you tell us how bad KD left the program? It seems to be that a lot of over programs get turned around by the third year, yet with UCLA it seems everyone is saying another sub-par year. Was the crater in Westwood that big? And no one seems to say as to what went on that make UCLA into this?

  • BruinBall

    In college sports they’ve always made the distinction between revenue sports (football, men’s hoops) and other sports. But does a baseball program (getting to the college world series), women’s hoops in the NCAA tournament or any other sport generate any significant revenues? Is there a pecking order for the non-revenue sports because of this?

    Seems like the Bruins have had bad luck with QB’s and Offensive Linemen over the last few season. Is there the year that Neu’s terrific recruiting and added depth saves the season or are the issues to much for the offense to overcome and be competitive in the Pac-10?

  • Anonymous

    Top three surprises of fall camp and why?

    Top three non-injury related disappointments of fall camp and why?


  • San Diego Therapist

    Is it possible to be a Vegan and an offensive linemen?

  • alreadygone


    Since I’m not optimistic of the Bruins this fb season.
    What’s you opinion of the job security for Coach Howland ? Seems like the pro caliber recruits are not enamored with his style of play. Holiday , Collison , Westbrook showing much more in NBA than being a Bruin.

  • MichaelRyerson

    alreadygone: you’re a day late and a dollar short.

  • nacho

    Looks like we’re in the top 5 for Tony Steward, what are the chances he brings his game to westwood?

  • groverules

    Thoughts on Ben Harpers new side gig with Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison called Fistful of Mercy?

  • Anonymous

    We have heard a lot of news concerning injuries to our team. Do you have any news regarding Kansas State’s injury situation for this week? Also what personnel matchups are going to be critical for us to come out on top against the Wildcats?

  • Sharp Shooter

    What will surprise us fans most about the pistol offense?

  • DonkeyBruin


    Will you be giving football tickets + cards, as promised, to your March Madness Bracket Winner?

    Keep up the good work!

    – HP

  • Blue Bruin

    Last year’s mantra was “run the ball or die trying.” What is this year’s mantra?

  • Martin

    What type of chances do we have on landing Tony Steward. Should we read into his visit next week.

  • Critic

    What’s the true weak link of the team: QB or OL?

  • Kick in the Grass

    Is Kai Forbath TOO good? (Be sure to think through all the implications of this question before answering.)

  • Anonymous

    Is crissman eligible for a medical redshirt 6th year,freshman him technically a freshman. What does he think about that possibility?

  • Anonymous

    Is crissman eligible for a medical redshirt 6th year,making him technically a freshman. What does he think about that possibility?

  • Anonymous

    Is crissman eligible for a medical redshirt, making him technically a freshman on the current roster? What does he think of that possible outcome?

  • Reality Check

    Nick – Who are the best players on UCLA right now? Rahim? Akeem? There are some very good Seniors and Juniors. Dorrell and Walker brought those guys in.

  • UW Fan


    Hundley missed his visit to UW this weekend and has now announced that he will announce his decision on 9/6. Sadly (for me), it looks like he will announce to UCLA. If so, does UCLA stop its QB recruiting with Hundley and Rick’s kid? Or are they still looking at adding a B level guy like Gretzky?


  • trueblue

    Can you give us an update on Matt Carlino? What do you expect will be his level of contribution to the team this upcoming season?

  • Anonymous

    I heard from a player that Todd Golper is out for the season with a lower back issue? Can you get confirmation on that?

  • brand0n

    Jon, with a solid year under your belt covering UCLA, what has surprised you most about being UCLA’s beat reporter? How have things differed from your expectations?

  • Legalsean

    There does not seem to be a lot of love from the media for the Bruins. They are predicted to finish 8th. What do you see that the outsiders (ESPN, Phil Steele etc)aren’t seeing?

  • Legalsean

    Do you think Neuheisel is worried that Prince might be injury-prone? Do you think Richard Brehaut is ready for bigtime college football?

  • benji

    What do u think about brett hundleys decision to cancel his visit to uw? Good for us and bad for them or vise versa? Thanks for answering all my questions u do a great job..

  • Eric T


    By seasons end will we be saying the pistol ran wild or our squirt gun shot more blanks? And Why?

  • Eric T


    3 questions:

    Is Oregon that good to be such heavy favorites to win the Pac-10 and ranked #11? I think No Masoli = no way

    Is Washington over-rated or bowl bound? I like Lockear but i think they’ll lose like 6-8 games this year.

    Does Houston leave LA with a victory?


  • Dan

    Can you ask if the players give input to the pre-game festivities? music etc.. I think they woud know best what gets them up for a game especially when UCLA fans are known to be late for the start of the game…

  • Anonymous


    Hundley I think would be a great get for UCLA because of the Pistol offense suits him…Washington by taking Montana last year a totally different type of QB can’t run the Washington-Lockear offense, so my question is does Udub change offense to suit Montana or would Hundley leap frog him? That being said does Hundley to UCLA make more sense?

  • TC

    Not a question but more of a request. Any chance you can get a video interview with the Norm & Chuck? Seems like its always about Rick, understandably, but I’d like to see how the other coaches are. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Now that the Reggie Bush matter has settled down a little I think the way USuck threw Bush under the bus was wroung. I don’t excuse him for anything he’s done but we’re talking about teenagers who are going to make mistakes and sometimes bad decisions. If I’m a high school football player and USuck was recruiting me it would matter how the school you’re going to attend deals with both successes and failures. Your thoughts?

  • KarlMorgan82

    Can you tell us how the Bruin rookies are doing in their NFL training camps and where they might end up on their teams’ depth charts?

  • Anonymous

    When a high school recruit comes on a visit, is there ever any concern that an existing player at the same position will try and discourage the recruit from coming because they are concerned with playing time and competition?

  • Spencer

    When Mike Harris comes back from suspension, which position does he play? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Can you ask coach Coach Neu to switch to black cleats?

  • bostonsuckstrojanscheat

    Can you please give us an update on former UCLA RB Chris Markey?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, Who’s #3 behind Brehaut, Bell or Crissman?


    I notice we have 4 sophomores at quarterback on the depth chart. Do you think Crissman is gone after this year?

  • choneyrun19

    All reports seem to point that Hundley is coming to UCLA: if he does come, what kind of QB are we getting? Is he the real deal or is he a future Russell Sheppard from LSU (Athletic HS QB turned Athletic college WR)?

  • bibs

    I enjoy the videos;they add to the blog.Who is the little blond kid running around behind the coach while you are interviewing him? The kid is good at passing and catching the ball.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Jon, thanks for whetting our collective appetites for the 2010 season…I can taste the sizzling carne asada tacos and cold frosty adult beverages in Rose Bowl Lot 6 right now. Anyhow, a few questions abound:

    1. Presuming Prince is healthy, is he still the clear-cut starter…or has Brehaut closed the gap to the point where Prince’s leash is much shorter than it was before the start of fall camp?

    2. In light of Forbath’s nagging injury, who is our backup placekicker and how has he looked in practice? Forbath’s consistency cannot be understated.

    3. Without knocking the resilient and hard-working Sean Westgate, I thought Glenn Love would give the Bruin D a tremendous amount of quick & hard-hitting athleticism at the OLB spot. Is Love an athlete without a position?

    4. Kansas State just named a starting QB this week and they are not hiding the fact they are going to try to pound us with 2009 Big 12 rushing leader Daniel Thomas. Is the Bruin line and LB corps stout enough to keep the K-State offense off the field?

    5. Prediction time: UCLA opener at Kansas State…who wins, why, and how?

  • Anonymous

    Given that freshman LB Jordan Zumwalt is number 3 at MLB and number 2 at SLB (similar to Chris Ward at OG and OT), and that Westgate (undersized) and Love (tall and skinny; trouble getting proper leverage) at WLB seem more ideally suited to play safeties, is there a glaring lack of depth at LBs?

    If the most physically capable prototypical LBs on the roster are Ayers, Larimore, Sloan, and Zumwalt, in that order, is either Larimore or Sloan capable of playing outside and thus allowed to play simultaneously (e.g. Ayers at Will, Sloan at Mike, and Larimore at Sam)?

  • awash

    Now that the offense has exceptional speed and size and the Pistol. Can u foresee a passing situation where they would line-up with.

    Rosario, Carroll, Barr, Presley and Fauria with Jones in the backfield? To me these are all game changers that no linebacker or DB that is smaller than 6′ could stop or stay with.

  • G

    If Im not mistaken first year players have to do a show for the whole team (football)during the last days of camp. Any information on what funny things occurred this year?

  • Anonymous

    could you just update us on the status for transfers out and potential ones in?
    Brandon Willis?
    Shaq Evans?
    Byron Moore, read he’s going to attend Harbor College, is he on UCLA’s radar?

    Marlon Pollard, where is he headed?

  • Anonymous


    Will you post links to articles you write for the Daily News? Thanks for all the great work.

  • Choneyrun19

    Sorry Jon, but I think this is a question more for Ben Olson if possible. Suo-Filo is coming back from a 2 year mission. As a player who came back from a mission, is it possible to be 100% mentally and physically back to where you were before? From your brief time at BYU, how did OL there look and say after coming back from similar situations? Thanks