Golper update

I’ve had a few emails and comments about Todd Golper, so I asked Rick Neuheisel for an update following the press conference:

Golper had to get a second epidural for back pain and is now in rehab, and Neuheisel expects him out about six weeks. Jordan Zumwalt is now listed as the No. 3 MLB and No. 2 Sam linebacker.

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  • Tomas

    Thanks for the info. That explains a lot. I wonder how long he has been playing with this. I remember him playing in high school on a broken big toe so he knows how to play through pain

  • Anon

    When is he due? Is he dilated yet?

  • Anonymous

    Anon, how stupid can you be, your ignorance is really showing. An epidural in this case is used to bring down the inflammation around the area, not pain. It is a very painful proceedure to have cortisone shots placed around the spine area. Golper deserves a big high five for going through this and all of the rehabilitaion exercises he needs to do to get back on the field that he loves. You on the other hand are living proof that one of your ancestors mated with a baboon!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…. If a freshmen like Jordan Zumwalt is number 3 on the depth chart at middle LB and number 2 at Strong-side LB after 3 weeks of training camp, then it means we currently have very poor depth at LBs overall. It also means that guys like Barbosa, Guzman, Medina, and even Schmitt and Bowens are not really capable of contributing beyond roles on the special teams. Guess it really hurt to lose that fool Josh Shirley to Washington.

  • Anonymous


    Schmitt and Bowens will play. The others are walk-ons , And Barbosa just tore his ACL and Medina is recovering from back surgery. Finally , the coaches think Zumwalt walks on water. Get a clue !!!!!

  • bostonsuckstrojanscheat

    Anon @ 11:00 – You’re thinking is right on the nose. As a non-trolling Bruin fan, doesn’t it make you feel proud how we gave Shirley the hard road to stay on the team? Sets a nice standard for illegal behavior. Contrast that to what the program across town did to Baxter for his slander.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is with one coach who has blinders on, he has his boy in Zumwalt and all of the other terrific and talented players who are working so hard will play second, third and fourth fiddle until CRN realizes that those being shunned and pushed away are also being demoralized to the point being so depressed they may not be caring any more or an asset to the team.

  • Anonymous

    Dang- I feel bad for Golper . he is a warrior. I hope he makes it back . Seems like he could really add some necessary depth right now.

  • Bob C

    Actually Anonymous, the cortisone shot given near the spine to relieve back pain is really very pain free to receive. (I’ve had two over years to relieve severe pain that went from my back clear down to my toes. The shots are miracles). The cortisone works like magic, relieving the terrible back pain almost immediately. Still, if Golper has been playing/practicing with severe back pain, he is some kind of player!

  • Anonymous

    Bob C,

    If I’ve had the same as Golper, you can have upwards to 10 shots at one epidrual depending on the severity and the levels. I would not call that painless.

    He is a warrior.

  • Brutus

    II’ve heard that Golper is close to retirement. Sucks!!!

  • Tomas


    Where are you getting that information from?

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve heard through the UCLA football grapevine, Golper is calling it quits at the end of the season to focus on his studies. His back problems are just one of MANY recurring injuries that have plagued him since his high school days. It’s going to take him more than a year to recover, and when he does, he’ll be too behind to contribute meaningful.