New UCLA road jerseys has a sneak peak at the teams new road uniforms, including the new John Wooden sticker for the helmets: Check it out

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  • MichaelRyerson

    I hate ’em! Navy blue? What(?) are we Michigan? POWDER BLUE!

  • Mario DiLeo

    The clip keeps crashing at the :22 mark…is it THAT popular?

  • Mario DiLeo

    oops…make that the :41 mark…

  • Mario DiLeo

    I give up…it died at the :59 mark…I’ll wait ’til Saturday…

  • Blue Bruin

    Love the little UCLA script on the back of the jerseys above the player names. You know, in case you happen to forget which team you’re on!

  • ucla2k3

    I hate the navy blue on the road jersey as well. I prefer the light blue that we have had the last several years. Oh well. I do like the UCLA script on the back above the name.

  • BruinWood

    Love the return to Navy. It’s the color the Bruins wore back in the glory days of my youth (80s). The lighter blue doesn’t work as well on the road unis (doesn’t seem to pop and it doesn’t match the script on the helmet, but it is awesome and pops on the home unis.

    but to each their own.

  • Bruin Zealot

    Yeah, not a big fan of Navy blue either. Wish all our teams would use 1 color instead of the myriad shades of blue that we use. Switch the playback from 480p to 360p to stop it from crashing.

  • Hot Bruin

    The darker blue will look better on TV, hopefully we’ll see a lot of it on prime-time Saturday nights. The script on the back looks very classy plus it’ll give pursuing defenders something to look at as our guys run in for touchdowns! Hopefully many of those defenders will be hapless Trojans.

  • INawe

    I like it. matches my ucla jersey i already own. i haven’t been matching for years on saturday. šŸ˜›

  • ohhyeah

    They’re okay but I want to see them switch to the throwbacks full time – home and away. Those were the best uni’s I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • I love it. It’s time for a change, they should consider changing to those same colors for the home Jerseys as well.

  • I love it. It’s time for a change, they should consider changing to those same colors for the home Jerseys as well.

  • Anonymous

    i heard that the home jerseys have been changed to navy blue. Looks like Notre Dame w/ the signature piping on the shoulders

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad look, but I question the black and gold trim around the navy blue numbers. I prefer a clean solid look to the numbers.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Can’t the Bruins figure out what color they are? I know Larry Brown got in trouble when he tried to change the basketball jersey to Carolina baby blue. I like the “True Blue”. Kind of like the Chargers light blue alternate jerseys. Light blue, royal, navy, true blue? Tough to sell your brand nationally when you don’t know what color you are. The royal UCLA logo on the helmet only makes it more confusing. I’d go with the “True Blue”, and have navy as an accent or alternate. I liked the alternate basketball jerseys a few years ago that were navy with true blue and gold lettering and numbers. Kind of like the black alternate Trojan jerseys with cardinal and gold lettering and numbers.