UCLA depth chart updated

UCLA has updated its depth chart heading into Saturday’s season opener with Kansas State: New DC

Here are the surprises, and not-so-surprises:
QB: Kevin Prince OR Richard Brehaut
TB: Derrick Coleman OR Johnathan Franklin
WR: Randall Carroll OR Jerry Johnson at No. 2 split end behind Rosario
WR: Ricky Marvray at No. 2 flanker behind Embree, ahead of Smith
F-back: Morrell Presley OR Anthony Barr

OLB: Jordan Zumwalt at No. 2 behind Ayers, ahead of Bowens
SS: Dietrich Riley at No. 2 behind Dye, ahead of McKay

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  • Bruin JD

    Jon, I think you meant Dietrich Riley is No. 2 at SS behind Dye

  • KolbAte10Eggs

    Is it just me or is Todd Golper omitted from the depth chart? Any new there, Jon?