Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) I’d like to be the first to ask – how big is it that Hundley is now probably going to be a Bruin? Do you see any commits taking this as an omen and signing on because of it? – issixit
With every indication that Hundley will be a Bruin, and sources saying as much, I think it’s a huge, huge coup for Neuheisel. With Seferian-Jenkins and Williams picking UDub, I thought the train was steaming downhill in the Huskies favor. If UCLA gets Hundley, and then has at least a 7-6 season, the floodgates will open, I think. If they haven’t already.

2) Have we settled on the return game? KR – Josh Smith and ? PR – Josh Smith? Carroll? Thigpen factor in at all? Thanks. – UCLA3
Smith, Embree and Carroll will likely handle the duties, but primarily Smith, obviously. I think Thigpen should factor in, but it doesn’t look like he will.

3) Jon, I see that the future schedules section of the official page lists only next year – all other years are gone. Are the future home-and-home with Nebraska and Rutgers off the table now with all the realignments? Or is it more that they have to wait for the divisional realignment to make new schedules? – Stephen Sims
I think things are all jacked up with scheduling given the uncertainty about conference alignment, and I believe games that far in the future are now on hold.

4) How has Olaniyan looked? I remember him being a little thin, but he is explosive on his film highlights. – Anonymous
Technique and pure ability, he’s very good, but he’s just not big enough yet. Less than 205 pounds, and while he looks built, he doesn’t have the bulk. He’ll be a player someday though, I believe.

5) I thought Omaha was the steak capital of the world. Yet in the recent podcast you seemed underwhelmed by your culinary experience there. What’s the deal? – Eatocracy
It was good, but I was underwhelmed. One place was magnificent – Mahogany – but very expensive, and another was below-average, The Drover. The best is still Ringside Steakhouse in Portland. Absolutely phenomenal in every way.

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  • UCLAFight!

    Been to Omaha once for Berkshire Shareholder meeting – try Gorat’s Steak House. Reasonable price and it is okay. Pretty good. Not the best but good. This is Buffett’s favorite steak house.

  • Arturo del Mundo

    The Ringside is great!