Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Jones back to 100% yet? What about JJ? – Spedjones
Both are as close to 100 percent as they’ll be. The typical nicks and hurts and aches, but nothing more. And James looks goooood. Love the way he runs.

2) What the major difference between Prince’s game and Brehaut’s game? How much will we see from Bell this season? – gerry4ucla
Physically, I’d say both have pretty good arms, advantage Brehaut, and Prince is quicker. The big difference is pocket awareness, and I need to see Brehaut in a game to judge that. He looks so much better than last year, it’s like a different person, and I think UCLA has a pretty good option now.

3) Hey Jon, it seems like Hundley has made a verbal commitment and will soon announce it publicly. Would you bet your house, your car, or a pack of gum on that commitment being to UCLA? – GTBruin
I would bet YOUR house, car and pack of gum that Hundley ends up a Bruin. That’s how sure it is, I’m hearing.

4) Can you tell us how bad KD left the program? It seems to be that a lot of over programs get turned around by the third year, yet with UCLA it seems everyone is saying another sub-par year. Was the crater in Westwood that big? And no one seems to say as to what went on that make UCLA into this? – Nick
The only thing that Dorrell left in shambles was the offensive line. His last full class, 2007, only one linemen, Mike Harris. The class of ’08, largely put together by Dorrell before Neuheisel was hired? Only one lineman, Jeff Baca. Besides that, I would say everything else has been about average.

5) Seems like the Bruins have had bad luck with QB’s and Offensive Linemen over the last few season. Is there the year that Neu’s terrific recruiting and added depth saves the season or are the issues to much for the offense to overcome and be competitive in the Pac-10? – BruinBall
I think they’re a year away from having true depth, and then two years away from having championship-caliber depth, with the return of Su’a-Filo, and what will likely be another major recruiting class.

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  • Anon

    I think KD also left the QB position in horrible shape. He left 2 fifth year seniors who could play (but unfortunately got hurt without contact and never played for rick). Below that, there was virtually nothing. KD had a commit from crissman, but he’s buried as low as can be. The other QBs on the roster were not division 1 college QBs. Rick had to go out and scrounge for craft and prince at the last minute after he was hired, but by fall, they were the only two decent QBs on the roster (if you want to call them that).

    Unfortunately, OL and QB take the longest to develop of all positions, and those were the two that were in most need of overhaul.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Hate to start another big KD thread, but Sheller, Kia and Savage were all Dorrell recruits as well in ’06


    Mike H, re-read what Jon wrote…”His last full class, 2007, only one linemen, Mike Harris. The class of ’08, largely put together by Dorrell before Neuheisel was hired? Only one lineman, Jeff Baca.” He didn’t say anything about what KD did previously (in ’06)

  • GmanC

    Actually in 2008, KD brought in 2 OLs, Baca and Conner Bradford. Not sure what’s going on with Bradford though, he’s down to about 250lbs last I checked.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Jon wrote that “the only thing Dorrell left in shambles was the offensive line”. My point is that I don’t consider having 5 of your recruits starting/on the 2-deep 3 years after you’ve been fired to be “leaving it in shambles”. I would have loved to have had more guys in the program in 07 and 08 to add depth, but I wouldn’t call the OL “in shambles”.

    I was more concerned with the lack of QB development during KD’s tenure – I wish Olson would have been healthy and panned out and I loved Cowan even though he didn’t have the pedigree, but that and the revolving door at the coordinator positions were the sore spots for me, not the OL.

  • Anonymous

    Dorrell himself was not much of a recruiter (not surprising, with 26 two-stars recruits from 2003-2005). He had to rely heavily on Eric Bieniemy until he left for Minnesota and Eric Scott (along with his criminal record). OL recruits from 2006 such as Jake Dean, Brandon Bennett, and Sonny Tevaga have to end their football careers with the Bruins early cause they could not contribute at the level expected of them (out of their depth, much like such QBs as Chris Forcier, Osaar Rasshan, David Koral, McLeod Bethal-Thompson and even to some degree Kevin Craft).

    Savage was a DL recruit and along with Micah Kia and Sean Sheller, are only playing because Kai Maiava (Colorado transfer), Baca (2008 recruit), Su’i-Filo, Hasiak, and Abele are either injured, ineligible (or both), or away on religious mission. They’re playing because there are no one else (other than freshmen and new transfers) and they are universally regarded as the weakest unit on the current team (even with all five starters being fifth-year seniors).