Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers (With Ben Harper talk!)…

1) Top three surprises of fall camp and why? – Anonymous
A) The play of Nate Chandler and David Carter; the biggest questionmarks on the team after the loss of Datone Jones were on the offensive line. How would Chandler react to starter’s minutes? Could UCLA maintain a solid front without Brian Price. Both were answered, and with good results. B) The play of Richard Brehaut. Kid went from a nervous wreck to what appears to be a capable young quarterback – he’ll go through his fair share of lumps, but the talent is shining through. C) Ricky Marvray, Ricky Marvray, Ricky Marvray. Enough said.

2) Top three non-injury related disappointments of fall camp and why? – Anonymous
A) Jeff Baca, and I don’t think that needs much explanation. B) The lack of the emergence of a true No. 1 running back, although I do think Johnathan Franklin quickly becomes the solo No. 1. C) Moving Damien Thigpen to defense. I just think Thigpen could be special with three-five plays per game on offense. He has crazy speed, and with his frame, he’s almost impossible to find in traffic. I never thought he was a realistic option at running back, but I just think that he has a lot of offensive talent.

3) Is it possible to be a Vegan and an offensive linemen? – San Diego Therapist
I would assume its possible, but extremely improbable. I couldn’t imagine trying to replace the protein without meat or milk.

4) Looks like we’re in the top 5 for Tony Steward, what are the chances he brings his game to westwood? – Nacho
Well, the easy answer is 20 percent, but with Clark Lea, I like the chances. Lea is an excellent recruiter – how many guys now, not just linebackers, have mentioned him in interviews? – and UCLA is pursuing him hard. I’ve seen film of this kid…nasty. Just….nasty. A game-changer in every way possible.

5) Thoughts on Ben Harpers new side gig with Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison called Fistful of Mercy? – groverules
Awesome question. I like, but don’t love, FoM yet. I need to hear more of their stuff, but Restore Me doesn’t get me like a lot of Harper’s other music does. I saw Harper and Relentless7 in Brooklyn last year, and I can’t even describe what that was like. Absolutely epic. Just unreal. Probably six feet from him, I thought I would start crying when they played Under Pressure. I’ll probably try to see Fistful of Mercy when they announce a tour.

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  • Anonymous


    I think you’re too close to your subjects. Your reporting makes assumptions it shouldn’t.

    For example, you say, “A) Jeff Baca, and I don’t think that needs much explanation. ”

    Maybe you don’t think so, but I, and many others, have absolutely no clue to what you are referring.

    Example 2, you say, “Lea is an excellent recruiter – how many guys now, not just linebackers, have mentioned him in interviews?”

    I wouldn’t know. Who is Lea?

    Good reporters don’t make assumptions about their audience’s knowledge. I know this is a blog, but come on.

  • Reality Bites

    Anonymous, this is a UCLA blog for UCLA fans. You’re too far from your subjects if you don’t know the Baca academic issue or don’t know who Lea is. Don’t blame Gold for your ignorance.

  • Maze

    For Anonymous, Reality Bites is spot-on. Stop acting like a self-entitled brat who needs to be spoon-fed. Do you need Gold to explain to you who Neuheisel is too? Got a handle on that one yet?

  • Bruinjunta

    @Anonymous – No offense, but I think your critique is a little unwarranted in this case. I mean, if you read the blog at all, then you’ll know why Baca is out and why that is kind of a BIG deal. With Lea, Jon just had an interview with him like 3 days ago, so that should give you at least some background and how recruit might react to the energy he brings to football.

    I just wanted to chime in since I think Jon is doing a great job, especially with his coverage of fall camp.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with Reality Bites and Maze. The Baca issue has been very well followed and documented by Jon and if you don’t know who Lea is, then you haven’t been paying attention to recruiting. Which isn’t a bad thing, but he is an awesome recruiter. He is the LB coach, and recruits from all over mention him and how he impacted their decision.

    I guess for the rest of us, including Jon, who have been following this blog and recruiting during the entire off-season need to realize that with football season starting back up the “casual fans” will start showing up on the blog and not just us die-hard who followed every step of all these 17 year old kids for the past few months. Not saying either group is better than the other, but its a different group of people that will be joining us on the blog now.

    P.S. Jeff Baca is academically ineligible.

  • Watty

    What’s Baca’s situation? Who is Clark Lea? REALLY??



    Dang clueless over there sounds like most Trojans I know.Claim to be a fan but don’t know spit about their “team”!Get with the program son!Good job Gold!

  • Anonymous

    To the first guy and all other more casual and less hardcore fans:

    If you see an abbreviated term or statement you do not understand the context of which it refers, simply copy and paste the term into the search box of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines and press search. It’s what all the cool kids seem to be doing given that UCLA is the birthplace of the internet and all. Try searching Jeff Baca and Clark Lea…

  • Anonymous

    Or simply ask the question ‘What is Baca’s situation?’ without slamming the blogger and the rest of us will probably post a quick helpful answer or link without ripping you a new one.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I think Tony Steward just want a free trip to the West Coast. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    to Anoymous @ September 1, 2010 11:04 AM

    I think you are to close to your subjects, can you please explain to me who Tony Steward is and which country’s West Coast would you be referring too?


  • Anonymous

    can someone explain to me what this college football thing is?

  • Anon

    Re: The vegan question,

    check out http://www.coachdos.com Robert Dos is an ex-Cal linemen who is the head strength coach at College of the Canyons. He’s a vegan.