Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) Is crissman eligible for a medical redshirt 6th year,making him technically a freshman. What does he think about that possibility? – Anonymous
I don’t believe so. I think to obtain a sixth year, you need to have missed more than 1.5 years because of the same injury, but I could be wrong. Anyone who knows the hard-and-fast rule, respond here.

2) Hundley missed his visit to UW this weekend and has now announced that he will announce his decision on 9/6. Sadly (for me), it looks like he will announce to UCLA. If so, does UCLA stop its QB recruiting with Hundley and Rick’s kid? Or are they still looking at adding a B level guy like Gretzky? – UW Fan
Given the precarious scholarship number situation – maybe as low as 13, as many as 17 – I would be surprised if they added a “project” quarterback. If Hundley decides otherwise, I expect them to go after a Gretzky or Adam Pittser, guys who have talent, but for whatever reason, didn’t get the spotlight. I’d be surprised if they went after Hundley AND one of them.

3) I heard from a player that Todd Golper is out for the season with a lower back issue? Can you get confirmation on that? – Anonymous
Neuheisel told me a few days ago that it was six weeks. If the pain is that severe – and back pain can often be debilitating – then I wouldn’t be surprised if it was longer.

4) Jon, with a solid year under your belt covering UCLA, what has surprised you most about being UCLA’s beat reporter? How have things differed from your expectations? – brand0n
Hmm, good question. If I’m being honest, I would say the biggest surprise is the amount of information either coming or going every single day, and how quickly that info is demanded on the blog. I’ve been a “beat” writer before, but that was in college, and really, that amounts to covering games and a practice or two per week, and then trying to overwrite the heck out of a feature that six people will read, and then just hoping that a cute coed classmate picks up the paper the day your column mugshot is in it, but then realizing what that mugshot looked like, and knowing that even that wouldn’t help. Before covering UCLA, I was in Casper, Wyo., covering high school sports and RODEO, in Las Vegas, covering high school sports, minor league baseball, quirky sports and RODEO, and at the Daily News as a preps writer and local columnist. Getting the UCLA job, I was blown away by how much fans crave information, and how much information there is for them to crave. So probably that. Sorry for rambling.

5) There does not seem to be a lot of love from the media for the Bruins. They are predicted to finish 8th. What do you see that the outsiders (ESPN, Phil Steele etc)aren’t seeing? – legalseanThe first thing I’m seeing is that THE MEDIA – cue ominous music – is way too in love with quarterbacks. I think the Stanford and Washington hype is insane. Stanford lost TOBY GERHART. He was amazing. Honestly, one of the best football players I’ve ever seen, in the traditional sense. If he played three decades ago, he’d be a legend. Washington hasn’t done anything for almost a decade, and everyone thinks they’ll take this top-25 leap. The common thread? Star quarterbacks. Then, there’s the Pistol offense, which I think if executed correctly, can be a game-changer. I didn’t think UCLA was that far away in many games last year – then again, you could say that they won a couple they shouldn’t, too – and I think the coaching staff has put them in a position, schematically, to succeed. Now, given the injury and attrition situation, I think things could go completely the other way, too. Basically, no one knows.

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    Answer #5 is Exhibit A as to why Jon “Clinton” Gold should run for office. I love the way he plays both sides without committing to any position. He wrote a heck of a lot of words but didn’t really say anything. He probably gets paid by the word. Its a great skill that only a few possess. Cheers!


  • Anonymous

    Medical Hardship Waiver

    If a student-athlete suffers a season-ending injury or illness after competing in a limited amount of competition during a particular academic year, he/she may qualify for a medical hardship waiver which would allow him/her an additional season of competition during the five-year period of eligibility. To qualify for a medical hardship:

    (a) the student-athlete’s injury or illness must occur in one of the four seasons of intercollegiate competition or subsequent to the first day of classes in the student-athlete’s senior year in high school;

    (b) the injury or illness must occur prior to the completion of the first half of the playing season that concludes with the NCAA championship in that sport and must result in incapacity to compete for the remainder of that playing season; and

    (c) the injury or illness must occur when the student-athlete has not participated in more than two contests/dates of competition or 20% of the institution’s scheduled contests/dates of competition in his/her sport (whichever number is greater).

  • Anonymous

    Re medical hardship waiver…

    Seems crissman has had a shoulder injury for both his years which seems to make him eligible for a medical redshirt year.

    Not much hope for the kid as a 3rd string sophomore, but as an experienced/older qb, with 4 years left to playn89z9k he would add a lot of depth that appears to be missing on the roster, and spread these kids out a bit.

    Of course if hundley signs on the dotted line…

  • The Big Woof!

    Lawyer John,
    You’re soooo smart! From which online “university” did you get your law degree, and have you passed a bar that doesn’t serve liquor?

  • UW Fan

    As a UW Fan, who follows UW closer than most of you, I’m going to weigh in here on #5.

    I agree, there are a lot of “if’s” involved in people’s favorable projections of UW. But keep in mind, UW is projected at best 4th, and more commonly 6th in the conference by most…and projected to go 6-6 or 7-5. There really is little tangible difference between that and the 5-7 record and 8th place finish I see most projecting for UCLA.

    For UW to meet these projections, UW needs this Locker guy to become very consistent, needs its defense to be moderately improved, and needs its running game to become very consistent. What I have seen of UW indicates that their interior DL will be much improved (and likely 4th-6th in the conference), their secondary will be much improved, and their OL will be noticably improved. This is based on what we’ve seen in spring and fall camp. They’ve also made it through camp without significant injuries, and they’ve greatly improved their depth. I am not sure the former can be said of UCLA, I’m afraid.

    So I think UW should be able to get to a crap bowl this year for this first time since RN was their coach, and that is really all the “national press” is projecting for them.

    I will continue this post below, due to length.

  • UW Fan

    Continued from above…

    As for UCLA, I think most people outside the program just haven’t looked closely enough to see the growth of the skill players that you guys see and rave about. They see that there were major losses on defense, despite the retention of two freakish athletes in Moore and Ayers, and they wonder why in two seasons, the masters Chow and RN have yet to be able to make anything of their QB situation. Combine that with the daily reports of OL or DL guys being named ineligible or breaking an ankle, and you can see why there are some doubters out there. To be honest, most of us who saw UCLA play a few games last year saw the offense score 7 points and the defense score 7-14.

    Based on what I’ve read on this blog, I myself think UCLA will have some bumps and go 5-7, but then turn the corner at 8-4 or 9-3 next year when the lines get healthy, the depth problems have been solved by players maturing physically, and Prince has had time to develop into the very good QB I think he’s going to be.

    I agree sometimes we put too much emphasis on the QB position. But truth be told, most teams in our conference have not been good without an experienced SR or JR QB (i.e. Sean Canfield) “getting it.” I don’t think the national press has seen enough of Prince/Brehaut coming through on game day to really be sold that UCLA can go very far yet.

    Likewise, the national press has permitted themselves to be blown away by a few of Locker’s performances and by Mel Kiper’s hyperbole. The key is his team needs to be able to run the ball, and he needs to elimiate the klunkers. No guarantee from me that he will do that, but given his years of experience, the pattern of SR Pac 10 QBs suggests he has a chance.

    Feel free to ream on me for these thoughts, and good luck on your season…except when you venture to Seattle of course.

  • Coach Thom

    The Big Woof is obviously jealous of LAWYER JOHN’s legal expertise and linguistic prowess. LAWYER JOHN has always offered caustically penetrating insight into our FB program, our coaches, our school, and, dare I say, into our very being. God bless you, LAWYER JOHN, and I’m sure an appointment to the federal Supreme Court awaits you when the Republicans return to the White House.

  • The Big Woof!

    Nice follow up, Coach Thom. You have clarified my thoughts in a far more eloquent manner.

    Signed, The extremely jealous Big Woof!