KSU 17, UCLA 16

Kai Forbath nailed a 42-yard field goal attempt, his third of the day, to bring UCLA within one at 17-16.
UCLA had a huge 43-yard run by Josh Smith on a double reverse to get into field-goal position, but two short runs and an overthrow by Kevin Prince

Drive Time: 6 plays, 45 yards, 2:06

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  • Argh

    Excitement for the season gone…this is gona be a long long season…looks like it will be a 0-4 start…

    Defense is absolutely horrendous…atrocious pass offense…I don’t get it…other teams make it look so easy…our talent level is just not there…players are fragile as hell…

  • anon

    The team still pathetic after all the talk about momentum from last season. 0-4 start of the season is not out of the question. Clearly this coaching staff is not any better than the previous one.


    A Tale of Two Halves– Kansas State really had it rolling on the ground in the second half after looking mediocre in the first.

    An exciting game. ucla has found its quarterback in Prince, but what about all those dropped passes. That was the ol’ ballgame there.

  • Argh and anon, STFU!! in the loss the Bruins still looked better then your lame condoms.

    Prince had about six passes dropped by guys who normally don’t drop passes, but when he missed he missed horribly, Brehaut should be the QB at this point.

  • Sid

    The story of this game begins and ends with UCLA’s run defense (or lack thereof). Prince was solid and in command. UCLA receivers can’t be dropping those passes. This loss certainly wasn’t on Prince…but of course, people who don’t know squat will see his completion percentage and 3 turnovers and say he had an awful game….

    UCLA’s offense is lightyears ahead of where they were last year.

    However, everyone in UCLA’s front seven not named Akeem Ayers got absolutely manhandled.

  • Trudger

    That was pathetic. How many catchable balls did the receivers drop? 6? 8? I knew the offensive line was weak, but I thought the receivers could at least catch the ball.

    I don’t want to hear any nonsense about people “trying hard” or “giving great effort.” The results speak for themselves. That game was there for the taking and UCLA gave it away.

    Let’s be honest. We are just not that good.

  • Beaker

    If no 12 men on the field UCLA wins. And Prince is not the answer and Malcolm Jones deserves more playing time. End of story. Beaker out!

  • Argh

    Not trying to be overly pessimistic here…but it’s all about finding things to build on…other than getting a little running game going and a nice game from the OL…there’s no significant improvement! Prince’s lack of camp reps really really hurt him…totally out of sync with receivers…I don’t know why Brehaut didn’t get any playing time…just to see what he can do…I’m not saying Prince should be benched…but we need to see what Bre can do

    This was a must-win for us…we kept Kansas State one-dimensional…and we still lost…how will we fare against the next 3? Add Oregon, Cal, USC…we’re looking at possibly 7 Ls at least…for some reason our talent level is just not there compared to these teams…

    I’m just frustrated because you always hear these optimistic crap from players…Franklin said he and Coleman will both get 1000 yds this season…come on guys..be real and get serious…

  • It is Time for Richard Brehaut>>> Prince has lost this team….Where was Anthony Barr.????????????

  • robear20

    I am sorry…but Prince was not it today.

    Prince had a couple of nice moments but he was far from solid or in command.

    I will give you the 4-5 dropped balls, but Prince was off on almost every throw. He had two int’s (1 was a last minute gimme) and a fumble. He threw into double coverage several times and was either way behind the receiver or well overthrown.

    I am not saying that Prince won’t get better…but anyone who watched that game and says Prince was anything but very mediocre is dreaming. Anyone could have made that throw to Marvray, he was open by 10 yards.

    Maybe the dropped balls got Prince out of sync, but he is a division 1 QB and a couple of early drops should not get in his head that badly.

    And of course Sid.. anyone who disagrees with you “doesn’t know squat”. Never mind that many on this blog (like me) played sports our entire lives.

    One thing is for sure..the Bruins need to get much better this week.

  • Blue Bruin

    Prince was the weak link and cost the Bruins today. That’s not to say he won’t continue to improve and be a good or even great QB…but he’s got a long way to go.

    And though I wasn’t impressed with the defense, it’s the same story every year. You can’t put so much pressure on the D to continually shut down the other team. I bet KSU dominated the time of possession.