Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Spencer

    25 freshmen and sophomores played in the K-State game, which would lead one to believe that the core of this team is still young. (Although they do have some junior class leadership.) Do you agree with the idea that this is a young team and expectations should be inline accordingly?

  • Anonymous

    Did Dietrich Riley play at all? In my opinion, we got nothing out of Westgate. We need another playmaker out there

  • issixit

    HUNDLEY TO UCLA : http://twitter.com/brandonhuffman

    Welcome Brett!

  • Spencer

    With Hundley coming to UCLA, how big an impact with other recruits will that make?

  • ucla34

    Jon I watched the K-State game. I know we gave up 300 + yds rushing and we can’t have that. However no-one, not even coaches,, have mentioned the fact that our offense was 3-13 on 3rd downs and had numerous 3 and outs. Thus keeping our defense on the field and wearing them out and giving them no time to rest or gather themselves. Do I have a valid point? Do we not need our offense to sustain drives and give our defene ample time to rest? Also, why wasn’t Fauria used and how come Malcom Jones only got 3 carries when he had 20 yds rushing off of them? Thanks. Keep up the good work

  • Spencer

    Do you agree or disagree: UCLA has gone from a bad offense with no potential under Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisal to an offense with potential. And, now they have to make good on that potential and continue to upgrade talent.

  • jwrbruins

    What or who determines the length of a timeout?

  • UCLA3

    How long before Neuheisel’s recruiting charm loses its shine. I mean results on the field mean the most in the long run. The season is still early and I’m in no way calling for a change, but can he really go .500 again and potentially make a bowl game and still expect these kids to keep committing?

  • Spencer

    Do you think that Hundley will graduate early and come to spring ball?

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel seems to be racking up some impressive transfers into the program. Why? Are transfers something he’s actively pursuing, or has it just been lucky?

  • CuriousBruin

    Hi Jon,

    First off, great coverage on UCLA. I’m very impressed with your work ethic. Your blog posts, articles, videos, interviews, etc., – you go above and beyond the call of duty and I hope the Daily News rewards you financially accordingly.

    I hate to say bad things about people but when I look at your counterpart who covers USC and his reporting (his blog posts look like Tweets), his coverage pales in comparison with yours and I don’t say that as a Bruin, but just as a fan of sports in general who appreciates reporters who serve the best way they can.

    My question revolves an observation I made watching the K state game at halftime. The K state team all lined up and linked arms and went into the tunnel as a unit while our players all just ran into the tunnel individually. I don’t know whether it was for show on K state’s part, but it was a great thing to see nonetheless.

    How would you rate the team spirit of UCLA? Do you see it just as a unit of individuals each doing their own thing the best they can or a team that genuinely embraces each other like family?

    And in your opinion, how important do you think that kind of closeness is for a team in terms of winning games? Is it one of those intangible X factors that help win games or is it one of those “feel good, it would be great if a team has it but it has no real impact to win games” type factors?

  • Ryan

    You and others have alluded to silent commits (football). Are any of these considered elite prospects (say top-10 at their position)?

  • JJA42

    My question deals with the “report card.” I pretty much get all of it, except for one – why the C- for the running backs? Your comment appears to be directed towards the staff, not the players. What’s up, Teach?

  • Nick

    What’s the deal with Carroll not playing? Does he not know the plays or does he have the droppies? Embree is a hands guy, but if he doesn’t catch everything thrown at him, then why not play the speed guys?

  • Blue Bruin

    I didn’t see a single good thing in that K-State game. Did you?

  • Ref

    What happened on Prince’s “fumble” that was reviewed? On TV, we clearly saw the guy in the white hat point to ground, thus signaling that Prince was down. I took that as the ruling on the field. Video replays never showed K-State definitively coming away with the ball; nor did we see any ref single for a K-State first down. What gives?

  • D Coordinator

    I didn’t see so many missed tackles. What I DID see what Thomas run into a wall, then bounce to the outside or find a hole without even being touched, much less breaking a tackle. What did you see from your vantage point?

  • awash

    With all the supposedly speed and size we now have, how come we never stretched the field with a long pass. Seems like every 10 yd pass was very well covered by K-state. Also the 2 pt. conversion was a fiasco, was the play suppose to go to Rasario in the corner or on a slant jump ball situation? Or we could have gone to a pistol misdirection with a throwback to Fauria?!

    I was really disappointed in the utilization of personnel. Especially after Jones got off 2 10 yd runs and then we did not see him again. Its pretty obvious that Franklin and Coleman are not the answer.

  • Anonymous

    Now that hundley has committed what are the chances that either kasen williams or sefian-jenkins swaps to UCLA. I heard they were pretty close, can hundley convince them?

  • Anonymous

    Great job on blog. Who decides on which RBs and WRs are in the game for a particular play? Also, are there any plans to play someone other than Price at corner to shore up the run support?

  • Anonymous

    How “solid” is Hundley to UCLA…solid enough to bring in some quality linemen and receivers with him?

  • benji

    Everyone is saying hundley is a big get but he’s ranked just as high as nick crissman and richard brehaut when they were coming out of high school.. your thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Great job getting immediate reactions after the game on video, seeing Coach Neuheisel’s interview right after the game was emotional and dramatic.

    Why is the defense so susceptible to big breakaway runs (not so much up the middle, but off the edge to the outside)? Who is more at fault, the contain by the DEs or the LBs? Is Chuck Bullough’s gap control defense suitable for college football? Is Sean Westgate overmatched at linebacker? Can Steve Sloan, Pat Larimore, Glenn Love or Jordan Zumwalt play the Will and be more effective?

    Can the F-back be more productive? Should the TE be send out for more passes instead of staying in to block? Should Prince run laterally across the field?Can Brehaut and Randall Carroll contribute? What should be the RB rotation (stay with one guy to get rhythm, rotate situationally, random rotation)? Why does Coach Chow loves lining up 3 receivers on one side of the field? Saw any pro-formation plays that look very different that the revolver/pistol?

  • Ben G

    That last guy just asked like 20 questions in one post..is that annoying?

  • ohh yea

    Will Kevin Prince ever be even average with his accuracy? like, 58, 59% completion percentage?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Prince has to stop hitting these guys in the hands. Catch. The. Ball.

  • captainqtp

    Now that UCLA lost to K State, is an abyss going to open under Westwood and suck it into a black hole?

  • I get four channels of the Big Ten Network with all manners of random college sports programming from the Midwest. Even though I’m a pretty big sports fan, I never watch it. Commissioner Scott keeps floating the idea of a PAC-10/12 network, but is there really additional money in that kind of venture? It seems like most of the programming people really want to watch (and then some) is already on ABC, ESPN, FOX Sports etc.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, thanks for the great work. How representative do you think the K-State game was for our Offense and Defense as compared to the practices you saw during the fall?

  • Superman

    Did the game take place in Manhattan, KS, or some kind of Bizzaro World? I mean, the OL was supposed to be the weak link and it was the only unit that acquitted itself well. Meanwhile, the much-hyped receivers were a joke!

  • Anonymous

    Who among these frosh played vs K-State and how were they? Marsh, Owa, and Riley.

  • Prognosticator

    UCLA was picked to finish 8th in the Pac 10. Should that be re-evaluated after what you saw in the K-State game?

  • Road Tripper

    If in fact you “hang out” with other reporters whilst on road trips, who’s in your clique?

  • Shot Caller

    You and Dohn made it clear you’re not UCLA fans and remain neutral in your coverage. You represent the Daily News; it makes sense. But what about guys like Huffman, Pierson, etc, who write for sites that are more fan oriented. To your knowledge, do they consider themselves fans as well as reporters?

  • No Name

    Let’s stipulate that the dropped passes were the worst thing you saw vs. K-State. What was the second-worst thing?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, what are your thoughts about the Pac 10(12) adding TCU and Oklahoma to the conference? It would really force Texas to reconsider the Pac 10(12) but even if it fails to land Texas the Pac 10(12) adds a storied program and more access to the Texas recruits. Bob Stoops stated that he was looking forward joining the Pac 10(12). Thank you in advance.

  • Hot Bruin

    “We dropped what, a half a dozen balls? Eight?!” Chow said, clearly upset. “That does (surprise me); that’s our most experienced group.”

    My grandmother knew how many passes were dropped and she’s not in charge of the offense. Isn’t that his job to pay attention to things like that and act accordingly?? Was he watching the game or napping the whole time? No wonder he called that stupid play on the 2-point attempt. He’s got a running back averaging 6.7 yards per carry (Jones) and a quaterback who is having an terrible day. It’s not like the game was on the line or anything. Can you ask CRN what he was thinking on that play? Also ask him why he didn’t take Prince out after the first half once he saw how badly he and the receivers were struggling.

  • Anonymous

    On a scale of 1-10 how much are UCLA fans over reacting to the K State loss?

  • Anonymous

    Brandon Willis: What is his current vitals. Height Weight and 40 time? I have read everything from 6 2″ 255 to 6 4″ 291.

  • Anonymous

    Any chance Hundley graduates early and participates in spring ball? If so any chance he competes for the starting job in the fall?

  • Anonymous

    I thought that the Bruin offense was adequate, though not a model of efficiency. However, the defense seemed to fade in the second half. Do you attribute this to player fatigue (coaching), half-time adjustments exploiting Bruin weakness; predictable play-calling by DC? What was the problem?

  • Anonymous

    Why was Mike Harris suspended? Will he move back into the starting lineup when he returns? I thought he was solid, yet unspectacular in his previous starts.

  • Alex

    I understand the need to give a guy several years to actually see true results. But you don’t need that long to see a positive trend. In three years, the offense hasn’t improved. At first it was the O-line’s fault. Now they weren’t the problem but we can blame it on lack of preparation for the QB. Come on! How are we supposed to believe that a QB/offense with enough experience could possibly play that poorly? Would you consider it a problem if the offense continues its horrendous track record from the previous two years? Having seen the team in action, what’s your prediction for the outcome of the season?

  • Doc

    OK, so Hundley likes the UCLA medical school. Good for him. Has anyone told him you can’t take freshman o-chem AND play D-1 football?

  • Josh

    What has UCLA done to deserve two Thursday ESPN games (Washington and Oregon), 2 ABC nationally televised games (Texas and K-State), and one West Coast ESPN game (Stanford)? Other than the name, it’s not as if we’ve earned being featured this much.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, the pistol was installed in order to generate more rushing yards, mostly due to our lack of a decent offensive line, correct? My question is, is this offense going to be permanent? Also, once we create a good line, do you think we will switch back to a more pro-based offense?

  • BigDBruin

    Jon, considering Neus recent struggles to attract an elite pro-style QB, do you think the pistol offense was installed to attract Hundley?

  • BruinADub

    Kyle and Korey Bosworth both had a chance to make an NFL roster this preseason and, according to news reports, both suffered season-ending injuries. Can you give us more details?

  • Roksinger

    Heh Jon,

    If you get a chance, can you ask CRN or CCB about the defensive schemes.
    Last year against Furd, they rolled out 7 O Lineman with regularity to literally run Toby Gerhart down our throats. Yet CCB and/or CRN still stayed with our base defense throughout most of the game. Which is perplexing.

    With KSU racking up good numbers on the ground, why didn’t CCB or CRN stack the box to force KSU to beat us with their unproven QB? Things such as this seem so obvious, yet we see very little ingenuity from our DC on defense.

  • nach

    Whats going on with basketball recruiting? Who are our main targets and who do you think we will land?

  • Anonymous

    Who on the D-line played the worst against K-state? Do you think it was Westgate? Do you think he’s too small to be an everydown LB?

  • Anonymous

    Who do you think should get the most PT: Love, Sloan, Westgate?

  • Anonymous

    Is Chow still conservative about going downfield? Didn’t see any deep passes until the 4th quarter. Also why didn’t get utilize Fauria in the pass game? He’s big.

  • Spencer

    Any update on Shaquelle Evans possibly transferring to UCLA?

  • CJP

    Do you think you overestimated the ability of prince in camp? i know he missed time, but when in there you raved how good he looked.

  • Anonymous

    There is speculation that Josiah Turner is favoring the Bruins. A few rival schools are claiming “negative” recruiting on UCLA’s end. Any truth to this bit of information?

  • Anonymous

    How does a defense be relentless and physical in attacking the offense, swarm to the ball and gang tackle the ball carriers, while also stay in place and maintain their gap by trusting teammates to get in position, shed blocks, not miss tackle, and contain their own assignments?

    OSU lost to TCU, Washington lost to BYU, WSU lost to Oklahoma St., and UCLA lost to K-St. While BSU, Utah, and Fresno St. beat higher ranked opponents (even Utah St. almost beat Oklahoma). What can Pac-10 teams learn from the top WAC/MWC teams about winning with overlooked 2-star and unranked recruits from CA?

  • Anonymous

    How many touches do you expect Dillon Baxter to get next week? Marc Tyler seems to have earned the lion’s share of carries.

  • In the LA Times, TJ Simers said UCLA athletes left the field and did not shake hands with the Kansas State players. Can you confirm this and how did coach Neuheisel react?

  • Semi-Pro

    Fans seem frustrated with Prince’s performance Saturday and point to his lack of preparation. Yet, Richard Brehaut couldn’t win the starting job even with Prince missing 3 weeks of camp. The only logical conclusions one can draw are that either KP was still the better option despite missing time, or that there was some conspiracy by Coach RN and Chow to not play the better-prepared Brehaut. Do people clamoring for Brehaut to take over the reins at QB need to take a chill pill?

  • Backdoor Cut

    Jon, I love the job you’re doing. But here’s a tough question: I think Neu lost this game by playing Prince. He’s a mediocre QB at this point…and then he gets no practice for a month….and even when he came back he couldn’t make the throws. Wouldn’t a 100% Brehaut have given Ucla a better chance to win than a 70% Prince?

    Prince was 5 of 22 for 56 yards in the 1st 58 minutes with an INT and a fumble…could Brehaut really have played worse?

  • Anonymous

    I understand T Golper is hurt and out for a while , but why isn’t he listed on the injured list portion of the depth chart. Could you get an explanation for that? Thanks