Post Practice Update

* A little more live action at UCLA’s practice today, but it wasn’t exactly a madhouse out there. I thought we’d see more scrimmage situations – and they did some – but not as much as I’d expect.

* Kevin Prince threw well, but got little action toward the end of practice, as he’s still a little sore from the Kansas State game, and got his shoulder nicked up today.

* Don’t expect many defensive changes, but expect the backups to simply get more time. Lot of work for many of the impact freshmen, and we might even see Anthony Jefferson and Seali’i Epenesa in the mix.

* Patrick Larimore looked really good, and I have little doubt he’ll turn into a game-changer. Still very raw, and his technique needs refining, but he’s extremely athletic.

* I didn’t see too many drops today – can’t remember any specifically – and I talked to Taylor Embree after practice, and he said they were just as surprised as anyone. Good video interview with Embree coming.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if Brehaut is any good or not but he is being completely wasted. If I were his advisor I’d advise him to transfer. His redshirt year was burned for nothing and he will clearly never be given a chance to compete. Not when an injured inaccurate Kevin Prince throws away a winnable game. Everyone talks about the drops but there was a sure touchdown where the receiver had 5 yars separation but the ball was woefully underthrown and the pass that was intercepted just before halftime that was 5 yards behind the receiver costing UCLA a chance to score before halftime. Does implementing an option type offense with a slow non-athletic quarterback signal desperation?


    Good to see Coach Sunshine is back out their on the field to rally the troops. I’m sure Coach Sunshine will have them ready for the Stanford beatdown.

    Prince is always injured. Wish Coach Sunshine would make a change and take the reins of Breuhat and let him run free with the 1s.

    I also like Fredrick Larimore too, but think that Steve Westgate has bitten off more than he can chew.

    Good luck on Saturday, the Gutties will need it.


  • Anon

    Is Prince’s soreness related to the oblique/back injury? Or is it just general soreness from getting knocked around?

  • Reformed Droog

    “They called me Mr Glass…”

  • INawe

    oh no…

  • Hadenough

    What’s with the mancrush with Prince? He plays like a princess and his body is like a prune, gets injured all the time. If Chow and Neuheisel does not make the change, this will be their demise.

  • Anonymous

    When did Larimore become athletic? He’s a big guy who i think will get better and better, but Ive never thought of him as athletic. I thougth he had to lose some weight and get quicker.

  • Watty

    Who is Fredrick Larimore?

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Looks like someone is impersonating Lawyer John again. Poorly.

  • Brock

    under threw the receiver by 5 yards? i doubt you have ever thrown a football, but it isn’t exactly that easy throwing a ball that far accurately against the wind. and even though it was a little short it should have been caught (even with the minor pass interference call.)

  • in 2006 (I think) the play calling was so awful that Dorell took over the play calling and UCLA did much better. RN needs to take more action, and not let Chow have it his way 100% of the time Richard Brehaut needs to be in the line-up, more sooner than later…or as “anon” pointed out he will transfer and I would not blame him one bit…Chow can find another Dentist, besides Prince’s daddy.

  • BruinRob

    @be real, that’s Patrick Larimore.

  • Anonymous

    Brock, I have thrown a football but not as a D1 starting quarterback. And you missed the point, the receiver had 5 yards separtion (which is huge) before Prince threw the ball, if he had beeen led he would have had 10-15 yards separation and could have caught it without a defender running over him. I didn’t realize there were minor and major pass interference calls.

  • vu

    man, if prince misses another couple days of practice and then UCLA is wasted against Stanford, I don’t know how CRN and CNC can continue to justify putting Prince out there. staking your reputations on a kid who can’t stay in practice and the game is horrible.

  • Brock

    no, i didn’t miss the point. i understand there was separation. but the wind was a big factor on that side of the field from what i could feel at the game, and from what the kickoffs looked like on tv. i said minor pass interference because I dont think it really looked like the defender was interfering with the play. the receiver should have been able to adjust to make the catch… smartass.