POW winner – GregB

Congrats to GregB for being the closest in our first Poll of the Week, picking Kansas State to win 34-30.

GregB – please email me 10 questions for any UCLA football player at jon.gold@dailynews.com.

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  • southoc

    Congrats?? Got to be kidding. GregB (aka Troll) picked the Bruins to lose. There’s one set of Q&A’s I don’t need to view.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, this seems like a potential trap or a moral hazard… Would it not be possible for a troll to pick UCLA to lose, and then be rewarded with a chance to ask the players why they sucked or other back-handed questions?

  • gregb

    I am neither a UCLA nor a USC grad or fan. Lots of new faces on a team traveling to the Midwest for a day game with lots of heat and humidity makes for an easy decision for a victor. My chance at “homerism” comes on November 12 when my alma mater drives down the 405 to play the Bruins at Pauley. Another chance for that second victory in men’s basketball.