Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) When Mike Harris comes back from suspension, which position does he play? Thanks! – Spencer
Harris can play both tackles, but I believe the idea is to leave him at RT, Sheller at LT, and then Kia at both LT and RT, but likely starting at RT.

2) 25 freshmen and sophomores played in the K-State game, which would lead one to believe that the core of this team is still young. (Although they do have some junior class leadership.) Do you agree with the idea that this is a young team and expectations should be inline accordingly? – Spencer
Yes, and I’ve said that all along. You can’t teach experience. You can’t simulate what it will be like to get your legs cut by a down block. All of that stuff takes time, and unfortunately, football is a game for now. It might be a long season, but the talent is in place. Heck, the talent is in place now, I just think it needs to be used a little better.

3) Did Dietrich Riley play at all? In my opinion, we got nothing out of Westgate. We need another playmaker out there – Anonymous
Westgate was pretty good in coverage and in rush, but was a major liability in run defense. You just can’t have him out there if the DE and DB on the same side are both incredibly raw, which Damien Holmes and Sheldon Price are. Riley didn’t play, but that will be rectified next week, I’m sure.

4) With Hundley coming to UCLA, how big an impact with other recruits will that make? – Spencer
I don’t think he becomes the Pied Piper, if that’s what you’re saying. But it does make a difference. Kind of like how Malcolm Jones committed early and tried to get guys with him.

4) Jon I watched the K-State game. I know we gave up 300 + yds rushing and we can’t have that. However no-one, not even coaches,, have mentioned the fact that our offense was 3-13 on 3rd downs and had numerous 3 and outs. Thus keeping our defense on the field and wearing them out and giving them no time to rest or gather themselves. Do I have a valid point? Do we not need our offense to sustain drives and give our defene ample time to rest? Also, why wasn’t Fauria used and how come Malcom Jones only got 3 carries when he had 20 yds rushing off of them? Thanks. Keep up the good work – UCLA34
Of course you have a valid point, and that makes a huge difference. Fauria is still not 100 percent, in my book, and can’t be asked to do too much. He just needs to get completely healthy first. Jones is a freshman, and he still makes freshman mistakes, particularly in blocking. That being said…he needs more than three carries.

5) Do you agree or disagree: UCLA has gone from a bad offense with no potential under Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisal to an offense with potential. And, now they have to make good on that potential and continue to upgrade talent. – Spencer

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  • alreadygone

    We as Bruin fans have to stop drinking CRN Kool-Aid.
    Everyone knew K State was running the football & the D still couldn’t stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Competing for Pac 10 championship? Talent should, but 1-11 is more likely.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot seriously credit Westgate for his pass defense against such a weak passing team that ran the ball all day long. K-State was also without its starting QB for a couple of series in the 2nd half. If he was such a liability in run defense, then he should’ve been taken out and replace with a competent run stuffing LB at least in this case.

  • Backdoor Cut

    Jon, I love your coverage of Ucla. I call you “Pure”….

    that said, a couple of comments: 1. why is it important for fauria to get 100 % healthy….but not prince?

    I think neu lost the game for Ucla by playing rusty prince.

    neu gets paid BIG $$$ to know better. you just don’t play a mediocre qb after missing a month and expect him to do well.

    prince was a disaster….but neu should have known better.

  • Anonymous

    Besides Washington State, and maybe Arizona State who will UCLA be legitamately favored against?