Post-Practice Update

* From my vantage point, Wednesday’s practice lacked the intensity needed to prepare for a conference opponent, particularly one ranked in the top-25.

* Kevin Prince threw early and threw well, but again was on a “pitch count.” Neuheisel was adamant that it was precautionary, and that Prince is the starter for Saturday, barring anything drastic. Prince banged his shoulder in the game, and again in practice on Tuesday, and has the usual post-game soreness. From Prince and Neuheisel, the oblique is not an issue any more.

* A couple of Prince observations: Looked better on screen passes – for some reason, a plague for him – and had a couple of nice deep balls. Also underthrew a couple of routes.

* Joseph Fauria had a few good catches, and he’s going to see an increased roll, but his fragility will remain a concern.

* Seali’i Epenesa got extra work with the first unit, and Cassius Marsh continues to play a big role, and I’d except him to get a lot of time against Stanford.

* Great catch by Ricky Marvray and he had a much-increased role in practice. He’s become a true factor for the offense.

* Jordan Zumwalt got a decent amount of reps with the first team, and Chuck Bullough said they could use him Saturday. He’s still raw and a work-in-progress, but he’s on the cusp.

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  • Richie

    I gotta believe (and desperately hope) that RN and NC know what they’re doing in keeping china-doll Prince as starter. But could this loyalty be blinded by something else? Could Prince really be that much better than Brehaut at this point? If so, that doesn’t say much about Brehaut. I’m just sayin’.

  • Daniel Sagerman

    Seems like maybe Chow favors Prince because he shares the same MORMON faith.

  • Richie

    OK, Daniel Sagerman, since you brought it up: if anybody missed it, here’s an interesting read on the uncommonly close bond between NC and KP.

  • Holy Moly

    Really? Throwing down the Mormon card? Um, isn’t CRN Catholic, anyway? Seriously, is this the conversation:
    CRN: I think that Richard puts us in the best position to win football games. He should be our starting QB.
    NC: No can do, brudda. Kevin is Mormon. I have to start him or I could lose my membership.
    CRN: Gosh, I would love to win football games but, hey, I understand the need to stick with the guy who may not win games but is a member of your church, not mine of course, but your church.

    C’mon. That is asinine. Point is that two very experienced coaches believe that Kevin Prince is clearly the better QB or Bre would have gone in on Saturday. If you want to question durability, I am with you. You want to find conspiracies, you lose me. Religious and dental practices aside, KP starts because he is the best QB. If or when that is no longer the case, a change will be made. This is big boy football and sentimental favoritism is not in play.

  • Coach Thom

    Jon, thanks for the detailed practice observations. You don’t get as much credit as you deserve for your hard work. This weekend will be a major turning point in our program. The fallout of another loss could be huge, especially for our players and a couple of coaches. Here’s hoping we finally get it together.


    I note that the betting line is Stanford by 6, which means if the game were played in Palo Alto it would be Stanford by 12 (3-points to the home team)

    If I were a betting man, which of course I am not, unless you count the fact I have bet my estate on the price of silver over the next 5-years i.e. at $19+ it should at least hit $40, I would say that is a pretty fair line, 50-50, and one that should not be entered.

    So why is the Cardinal (I loved them when they were the Indians) favored so on a foreign field? Well, mainly because QB Luck is a proven commodity while Prince is an emerging one. And ‘Furd had a real good year last year. Still, unlike most misinformed bruins, I like Prince, and I believe he will develop into a pretty good QB, and he will have a much better game against this intellectual enemy.


  • Lilromeo

    No doubt the d-front-line need to put pressure or there will be problems.

  • Brock

    Don’t even bother holy moly, some of the people who comment here aren’t the brightest crayons in the box.

    obviously the coaches are going to run the qb that gives them the better shot at winning, i mean, it isn’t like the coaches jobs are on the line or something.

  • Anon Alcoholic


    At which LB spot was Zumwault getting 1st team reps? At SSLB? Were he and Ayers on the field together at the same time?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    @ Holy Moly – Well said…round of guacamole to you along with some cervezas.

    @Lilromeo – We got gashed for 313 net rushing yards and gave up 8 of 16 3rd down conversions against Kansas State so The Farm does worry me especially with 4 of 5 starting OL guys returning that helped turn Toby Gerhard into a beast.

    IMO, this year was going to be another 6-6 year with the schedule and injuries but I do want to see how Prince progresses with the pistol. If his health doesn’t hold up or he doesn’t improve over the next few games, Brehaut will get his chance.

    As for the game Saturday evening, I do think the Bruins will eek one out on ESPN and yes, there is some blind faith in this prediction but the Bruins have a propensity to disappoint when they shouldn’t and rise to the occasion when everyone is down on them. Also, I think the tough opener at KSU has battle-hardened the Bruins whereas Stanford played what amounted to a glorified scrimmage against Sac State.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • MichaelRyerson

    yeah, I always liked the burnt sienna although I could never find a place to use it. Didn’t you just hate it when they’d wear down and not be sharp anymore? yeah, me too. If they open again with a three and out with a couple of dropped passes, it may be another long afternoon. Spell the starters by giving the talented freshmen some meaningful minutes.

  • doug4ucla


  • Stay on the bandwagon people, and look at the positives. 8 dropped passes wont happen again. Without the drops we would have had around 200 pass yards and 200 rush yards. 8 dropped passes led to 3 and outs and kept the defense on the field. 8 drops affects an outcome in many ways. The team will be fine.