Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) What happened on Prince’s “fumble” that was reviewed? On TV, we clearly saw the guy in the white hat point to ground, thus signaling that Prince was down. I took that as the ruling on the field. Video replays never showed K-State definitively coming away with the ball; nor did we see any ref single for a K-State first down. What gives? – Ref

The referees determined Prince was losing the ball on the way down, and if the opposition clearly recovers the ball, then it’s a fumble.

2) I didn’t see so many missed tackles. What I DID see was Thomas run into a wall, then bounce to the outside or find a hole without even being touched, much less breaking a tackle. What did you see from your vantage point? – D Coordinator

It was a mix of both – ineptitude by the defense combined with Thomas’ skill. He’s a heck of a back.

3) With all the supposedly speed and size we now have, how come we never stretched the field with a long pass. Seems like every 10 yd pass was very well covered by K-state. Also the 2 pt. conversion was a fiasco, was the play suppose to go to Rasario in the corner or on a slant jump ball situation? Or we could have gone to a pistol misdirection with a throwback to Fauria?! I was really disappointed in the utilization of personnel. Especially after Jones got off 2 10 yd runs and then we did not see him again. Its pretty obvious that Franklin and Coleman are not the answer. – awash

Disagree completely about Franklin, I think he’s the best back on the team. Not sure why they didn’t throw deep more often, or at least look deep. The two deep passes: Rosario’s PI and Marvray’s touchdown. I think it behooves them to look deep more often.

4) Now that hundley has committed what are the chances that either kasen williams or sefian-jenkins swaps to UCLA. I heard they were pretty close, can hundley convince them? – Anonymous
I doubt it. While ASJ looked good for UCLA early, Williams was all Washington for a long time.

5) How “solid” is Hundley to UCLA…solid enough to bring in some quality linemen and receivers with him? – Anonymous
He’s said he would never switch after verbally committing, so take that for what it’s worth. I would expect him to go on the hunt.

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  • FG

    On ASJ and Williams…Williams never did and never will consider UCLA. ASJ said he was one of these “silent commits” to UCLA earlier, but right now sounds genuinely ecstatic to be a Dawg. I suppose he could change his mind in January if UW really faceplants this year, but if he did, I think he would look at Texas or Florida. UW has a horrible need at TE with the dismissal of Middleton and the absence of anyone else yet to step up. I think his mouth is watering at the opportunity to start at day 1 at UW and be an offensive focal point.

    On Hundley, he sure sounds like a very grounded young man to me, and thus one would expect him to be pretty set in his decision. My own personal hope is that somehow Sark steals him away in late January, but it sounds doubtful. It also sounds like BH legitimately is excited by the look of the pistol. If the pistol faceplants and Locker has an outstanding year and gets to run all over, maybe that could tempt him. But I sure can’t see any other scenario weakening his resolve, if even that one.

  • AJTovar

    Yo FG, nice to see you over here from BC’s blog. Anyway, I agree completely with your take. I’m sure Sark will continue to recruit Hundley but I think Hundley is set. What are you guys hearing on Adam Pittser?

  • FG

    Usually go by AJbruin, right? I’ve been hiding behind “UW Fan” here.

    I think what we’re hearing on Pittser is he’s scheduled a visit for early October, I think when we host ASU.

    He lives in Illinois, I imagine Wisconsin would be a big draw for him, it’s a lot closer to home and he knows he’s going to win a bunch of games there. Speculation is that if Wisconsin really wants him and offers him, they have the inside pull.

    Anyway, congrats on Hundley. Glad he’s happy, but wish he’d chosen UW.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take George Farmer and Pomee over the ASJ and Williams. Why not make our own trio?

  • Obediah Septkin

    @ Anonymous 9/9 10:31 am

    Unfortunately, Pomee decommited from UCLA and George Farmer played decades ago for the Bruins:

    Farmer, George ’67-68-69

  • FG

    “Unfortunately, Pomee decommited from UCLA and George Farmer played decades ago for the Bruins.”

    It sounds like UCLA is strongly in the running for Pomee down to the wire.

    I think he was referring to George Farmer JR., who is a very highly touted orange county high schooler who unfortunately (for UCLA) has indicated he is a strong USC lean that has UCLA no where on his radar. Perhaps a USC faceplant, combined with a record-setting season by the pistol offense this year could change that…were such a scenario to happen.