• Mike H class of 90

    UCLA 30, Stanford 27

  • ucla34

    Ucla 35 Stanford 21

  • Bruin JD

    UCLA 35, Stanford 30

  • robear20

    UCLA 30
    Stanford 23

  • Maloman

    UCLA 33 Stanford 28

  • BruinBrent

    UCLA: 23
    Stanford: 17

  • Joe Bruin



  • MaltBaa

    ucla 35 wine and cheese snobs 31

  • txbruin

    UCLA 31, Stanford 24

  • UCLArt

    UCLA 24 Stanford 21

  • Unreal…

    UCLA 31 – Stanford 30

  • issixit

    UCLA 19, Stanford 17

  • Johnny Angel

    UCLA 24 Stanford 42

  • alxandr

    UCLA 23
    Stanford 20

  • 581Bruin

    UCLA-29 Trees-20

  • PasadenaBruin07

    UCLA 34 Stanford 27


    Ucla 34-28

  • JonnyBruin

    Stanford 31 Ucla 20

  • sandiegobruinfan

    UCLA 27
    The Farm 23

  • gsbruin

    UCLA 30
    FURD 17

  • Ben G

    ucla 36 stanford 30

  • bruinfanchad

    Bruins 35
    Stanford 31

  • Bruinfan1

    Ucla 31 Stanford 16

  • spedjones

    not sure how anyone thinks UCLA wins this one.

    Furd – 34
    UCLA 24

  • DFlinn

    UCLA: 27
    Stanford: 21

  • Anonymous

    To Spedjones: Because this is a Bruin Blog with the vast majoprity of readers being Bruin fans. This isn’t a scientific survey, it is an opinion poll. Fans should be optimistic about their team’s chances. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  • UnwantedYetUndauntedGrammarPolice

    ucla 28, stanford 24

  • Sunset Bruin

    UCLA 28
    Stanford 20

  • Bruin Power

    Stanford 41 UCLA 17

  • Anonymous

    UCLA 27 – Stanford 24, with 4 sacks on Andrew Luck, at least 1 by Akeem Ayers.

  • Anonymous

    Bruins 31
    Trees 28

  • UCLA 30
    Stanford 28

  • SpencerStueve

    UCLA- 33
    Stanford- 24

  • gerry4ucla

    UCLA 27
    Stanford 24

  • Hadenough

    Palo Alto 31
    Palo Verdes 24

  • RainMan

    UCLA 21
    Stanford 20

    Payback for 1953

  • Bruin up in the Bay

    Stanford 37
    UCLA 27


    UCLA 26
    Stanford 25

  • spedjones

    an “opinion poll”? Do people here really think we win, or is this more of a place to post your hopes, dreams and desires? No wonder there’s so much bitching on Sundays – bruin fans seem not to understand the current state of UCLA football on Saturdays.

  • UCLA 26, trees 21

  • mike

    UCLA 42

    Stan 23

  • Jek

    30-24 Bruins

  • $uckaFREE

    Stanford 28 UCLA 20 But I guess the bigger question is “How many more L’s before Slick Rick is officially on the hot seat?” UCLA is potentially looking at an 0-4 start this year so I would have to assume he’ll have one foot out the door at that point.

  • ucla34

    Hey dorksped, or spedork, whatever the hell you sorry a$$ name is. Leave your sorry a$$ comments somewhere else if you don’t like it here. We are diehard Bruins here. How do we really expect to win? Gee…..i dunno, if I recall we beat them last year “with” Gerhart. What’s your basis for a Stanford win? You got nothin bra! Step your game up and come correct when talking to the Bruin faithful! Like I said, Ucla 35 Stanford 21

  • Johnny Angel

    @ucla34 – The Bruins lost to Stanford last year. After this week’s loss no one should tolerate the timing was off in the passing game and the quarterback was rusty excuses because that is Neuheisel’s fault for playing a guy that hasn’t been ready to practice.

  • Legalsean

    Hate to say it! Stanford 27 UCLA 20

  • ucla34

    I meant the year b4. Not last year. Stanford isn’t that good, Luck is but it’s more hype. And besides they don’t have Gerhart this year either. They are at the rose bowl this year.

  • spedjones

    not to bag on fellow bruins, but if ucla34 is “hardcore” we’re in trouble. Again, no wonder people bitch and moan – our “hardcore” fans can’t even remember what happened last year.

    As for suckafree, we’ve been over it a million times, RN has through next year. If next year’s not vastly improved, I think the discussions start. Not before then.

  • OCJohnM

    UCLA 27, Stanford 24

  • Ryan

    UCLA 27, Stanford 23

  • glawson07

    UCLA 45, Furd 24


  • random guess

    The Farm 49
    UCLA 13


  • bruindodger1

    UCLA 31-Stanford 22. Hope Richard Brehaut gets a chance to play or we will be in trouble not only in this game and later on this year, but next year as well; as we will probably lose him to a transfer. I really like this kid and what he brings. Hope he gets his chance.

  • AJTovar

    UCLA 44 – Stanford 31

    Of course, this is with the belief that we will actually come out and score on our first posession and stop them from scoring on their first. The next two games set up well for a shootout and though I think our defense is suspect, I think it’s good enough to hold this Stanford team to 5 scores. The 44 for us is just a wild shot in the dark…..a guess based on nothing but hope and dreams.

    Go Bruins!

  • robear20

    @bruindodger1, “Hope Richard Brehaut gets a chance to play or we will be in trouble not only in this game and later on this year, but next year as well; as we will probably lose him to a transfer. I really like this kid and what he brings. Hope he gets his chance.”

    If Brehaut does not get past Prince on the depth chart this year he is definitely gone. Brehaut had a great Spring and Fall and he is still #2 behind Prince who missed 3 weeks of fall ball. With Hundley coming in next year Brehaut will be the odd man out. Next year the Bruins will have 5 QB’s, not counting Jerry Neu. who will greyshirt, or Posthuma and Tunney who are basically used on the scout team if at all.

    Something is amiss and only CRN and Chow truly know what it is. I have heard that Brehaut has struggled with the proper formations but I find it hard to believe that that is the only issue keeping him out. From what I saw at the 2 scrimmages Brehaut has the stronger arm and seems to make better decisions with the ball.

    I personally think Brehaut gives the Bruins a better chance of winning, but I am not the head coach or the offensive coordinator.

    Anyway, as I said much earlier on this blog:

    UCLA 30 – Stanford 23. UCLA has won 6 straight at home against Stanford and it will continue tomorrow.

    GO BRUINS!!!

  • Backdoor Cut

    the tree 31

    Ucla 10


  • torpedoman

    @spudjones…Finally, I come to a place where you actually make some sense! Great postings above in this thread.

    bRUINS 3 (ok make it 6)
    Stanford 44
    Houston taking practice off next week
    Texas totally unconcerned
    Washington St licking their chops

    Fight On


    Stanford 24
    ucla 13

    bruins come out fighting and doing well at first, but too much Luck involved to win.