The Warrior Mentality

Here’s my feature today about UCLA offensive tackle Micah Kia, and it’s a pretty cool one. Kia’s ancestors – the Nae’ole – safeguarded King Kamehameha as a child when a rival leader wanted him killed. Now Kia protects a Prince.

Check it out: Story here

I’ll try to post some of the pictures here, too…

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  • Roksinger

    Great read. Awesome pic for sure…

  • Anonymous

    Awesome article! Kia is a fabulous person. Great work, Jon.

  • txbruin

    Excellent work, Jon. This story reminded me of a very poignant comment Lois Lane (Superman) once made: Jimmy, a young photographer, asked Lois, “Ms. Lane, how do find so many great stories?” To which Lois replied, “A good writer doesn’t find great stories, he makes them great.”

  • hizzle fo shizzle

    Jon, u the man! Great article! Good job man….

  • Anonymous

    Nice article. I enjoyed reading it. Well done!!

  • Martin

    Great read now if only we can have a player who has a winning mentality. Oh wait Rick Marvey!!! That should be the next article.