Post-Practice Update

* Kevin Prince practiced almost the entire day with the ones, and looked the best he’s looked in essentially six weeks. Prince is still developing the timing that he had over the summer with his receivers, but his deep balls looked on point and he moved well.

* Prince had a few really nice deep routes, including throws to Taylor Embree and Josh Smith that looked good.

* With Derrick Coleman out, Jordon James saw extensive time along with Johnathan Franklin and Malcolm Jones, and I’ll continue to maintain that he’s the most fun to watch. He’s a pinball out there – not as strong as MJD, but runs downhill like he did – and it’s about time he got some role in the offense.

* For everyone wondering why Taylor Embree gets so many reps at returner – he takes care of the ball. Josh Smith and Damien Thigpen each dropped punts today, and Frank Gansz got into Smith pretty good. I think Smith can be an excellent returner, but it makes sense in terms of field position to want a guy out there who can at least field the punt.

* Saw a few really nice plays out of Anthony Jefferson, and some close to the team have told me that he might end up being the best NFL prospect on the team. He’s still very raw, but a lot of talent there.

* Interesting answer from wide receivers coach Reggie Moore about why there aren’t more situational lineups – Smith/Carroll/Marvray at once, three deep threats, for example – and he made a good point: In the Pistol, the goal is to run more plays and run them faster, a la the no-huddle, and that typically requires the same group to be out there for four-five plays, meaning less substitution.

* Christian Ramirez is nursing a hamstring issue that sidelined him for the game and today’s practice. No timetable on his return.

* Linebacker David Allen has a broken pinky that required a heavy wrap – couldn’t tell if it was a cast – but he won’t miss any time.

* Micah Kia got tangled up and his right leg needed attending – he was limping pretty badly – but Neuheisel said he was fine.

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  • ReelBruin2

    Some good news!

  • Anonymous

    Jon, how was the intensity leve? I know that before the stanford game you mentioned there was a noticable lack of intensity, did you notice any improvement?

  • Hollywood Bruin

    Thanks for the update; I’m hoping they turn it around..

    not happy about micah kia..

  • Anonymous

    Why do they practice deep routes?

  • Great intensity out there today, and I think they’ve turned the page from last week. They should’ve, at least.

  • Johnny Angel

    The quarterback of the #115 rated passing attack out of 120 teams looked the best he’s looked in six weeks? That is saying very little. Or it could be saying too much if next week the Bruins aren’t rated at least #114 out of 120 teams.

  • Anonymous

    i hope jon isn’t unsuspectingly building our hopes just to see them come crashing down on saturday. that 35-0 drubbing might have a silver lining. maybe the team will have a “us against the world” mentality and start playing more cohesively. 95% of the commentators on this blog seem to have lost all hope and confidence in this team and the coaching staff.

  • BruinFaithful

    Reggie Moore are you F’n kidding me? Yeah, because our offense is running SO quickly and we are getting so many plays off. UNREAL!!!! Why don’t you worry about getting your receivers to catch the freaken ball and run the right routes, regardless of who’s in there.

  • bbruin

    Good series of reports today Jon!

  • Fire Neu

    I’d be really be surprised if prince performed worse than he did the past few weeks, if that can actually happen.

    If you get an F for the past two games, “looking the best in essentially six weeks” isn’t really a ringing endorsement.

    We’re doomed… 13-38 Houston…0-3

  • Ocean Blue

    ” Linebacker David Allen has a broken pinky that required a heavy wrap”

    Heh. That may be the first thing bruin linebackers have wrapped up all year!

  • I’m thinking our best performances are still ahead of us. Practice breeds intensity. Our school was featured in the latest blog over at Check it out!

  • Anonymous


    No kidding. We’re so bad that there’s nowhere to go but up. If prince throws for 100 yards, 0 Td’s and 0 Int’s, that would be his best performance of the season.

  • Vu

    LOL. the sad part is that throwing for 100 yards is an accomplishment for prince. don’t deprive him of that goal.