• JJA42

    I guess the one drawback to the videos is background noise you can’t control.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, what is it that’s going on? sounds like a helicopter landing zone.

  • Anonymous

    Jon – take the cue from Coach Howland… BOX OUT those other dudes!

  • Anonymous

    Is that Thigpen(#25) wearing a blue jersey? Is he back on offense?

  • Anonymous

    only thing missing was The Ride Of The Valkyries in the background

  • Ben G

    The helipad for UCLA Medical Center is right behind Spaulding field. Im suprised Neuheisel didn’t just stop for a minute, it takes a long time and you really cant hear anything. I doubt anyone got anything during those minutes. The beat writers dont care cuz were 0-2, we gotta turn this thing around

  • Tex Bruin

    I suppose this is the end of practice but those up downs by the linemen were pretty lackadaisical, not very intense.