10 Questions: David Carter

Congrats to Backdoor Cut for winning the second weekly poll, and with it, the 10 questions for any UCLA player.

He chose David Carter, for a very entertaining interview.

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  • joe bruin

    Great job Jon! I’m really enjoying this segment!

  • diehardbruin

    I’m loving these segments!!! Keep it up David!!! We’ll be rooting for ya!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve met David a few times at parties these last couple years. He’s a very down-to-earth guy. He always kept hitting on one of my friends (a petite asian girl) which was always really funny, seeing him stand next to her.

  • Johnny Angel

    Jon and Daily News, This is the type of stuff which places the blog a cut above. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    he reminds me of michael strahan. very likable. deserves his own show.

  • Backdoor Cut

    Thx, John, for the excellent delivery of the questions that were supposed to be a little funny! Maybe I’m biased, but I think that was a great interview…who knew David Carter was so awesome?

    I hope he becomes one of your “go to” guys when you need some good insight about a game or a play….cheers!

  • Hot Bruin

    Met David at the fall scimmage. Good guy, soft spoken and friendly. Great job you’re doing for UCLA fans Jon. Those USC weenies have nothing as good as this!

  • la-ukla

    The best questions so far–great job Backdoor Cut! David Carter was awesome: funny, articulate, likeable. I like the comparison to Strahan. Good job, Gold!