Post-Practice Update

* One of UCLA’s best practices in a long time ended with head coach Rick Neuheisel shouting, “Hell of a football practice out there boys!” About 100 percent reversal from the Wednesday practice before Stanford.

* Derrick Coleman was back in white on Wednesday, and he should be available for Texas. UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel was non-committal about his role as starter, but given Johnathan Franklin’s performance against Houston, you’d have to think he’ll start.

* Jeff Baca is out of his walking boot, and Neuheisel hopes to get him back soon for the scout team, as he’s academically ineligible this season.

* Neuheisel said Datone Jones is about four weeks away from having his cast removed, and will have another X-ray shortly.

* Spoke briefly with Nik Abele out at practice, and there remains a slim chance that he could return. He’s seeing a chiropractor about once every two weeks – down from once a week – and there’s hope that there’s a way to fuse the discs in his neck so they don’t continue to bulge. Will keep monitoring this.

* Jordon James had a few nice runs, and I wonder if he’ll be used this year. I would use him, personally, because I love his running style. But if they continue to get this production in the running game, I’m not sure you burn that redshirt.

* Saw a few nice catches out there – Nelson Rosario had a good grab, Ricky Marvray had one, Josh Smith had two, and Jerry Johnson had a couple. I wonder what happens with Johnson after this year; he shows a ton of promise, but just can’t get over the hump and into meaningful rotation reps.

* Mike Harris continues to work with the ones at right tackle, and Neuheisel said the starter (Harris or Micah Kia) is a game-time decision.

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  • Big Time BRUIN!!!


    Strong work ! Noticed the last 2 days you have been omitting our QB play; is this intentional or am I just reading between invisible lines..


    BigTime Bruin

  • Ryan

    I agree that Jordan James is a special talent, but I think they need to redshirt him, in order to 1) create some class separation between running backs, and 2) to maximize his production.

  • Coach Thom

    Great report, Jon. One of your most thorough and insightful.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I am really hoping Jordan James can be redshirted. It ain’t impossible, this team could come of age in Texas this week end.

  • ucla34

    Sounds like our boys are gettin’ ready to play and strap up that chinstrap! Tennessee was a good win the last 2 yrs. We win this game it could be a program defining win and the start of a new Ucla dynasty! We were the first to be ranked #1 in the BCS and that’s where we belong.
    Ucla F! F! F!

  • Hadenough

    Stubborn Nuthacker won’t put josh smith at PR instead uses a tortoise in Embree. Watching that guy run is like waiting for syrup to drip on your pancakes. Unbelievable.