Punk kids…

This is pretty funny…

Yes, the headline is a joke. Please understand I have nothing against the youth of Austin, Texas. OK, maybe a little.

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  • lbcbruin

    “I don’t even know what bruin is?”

    Says a lot about the Texas educational system…

    go Bruins

  • Watty

    Not sure us Angelenos are in a position to knock other states’ educational systems…

  • samohopar

    Anyone else find it humorous that almost all of the non-white kids didn’t have a UT shirt while almost all of the white ones did?

  • Watty

    I actually found it humorous that you even noticed that.

  • Coach Thom

    Cute kids. Good effort by the teacher to actually get the kids to remember their lines. I didn’t notice any strong Texas accents. Where were the long, slow, drawn-out drawls?

  • MaltBaa

    coach thom, those long slow drawn out drawls are from Savannah. The words just roll out like moolllasses

  • Dex

    Lovin’ the nard dog reference

  • Martin

    Lets show them punk kids what a bruin is.


  • 34-12

    well now these kids know who the bruins are.