Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) So the speculation is that Brehaut is not well suited for the Pistol. Meanwhile, Hundley is (allegedly) on his way, and is ideally suited for the Pistol. I understand Brehaut has said he’s comitted to UCLA and not interested in transferring…but what do you think is the end game for Richard? – Wrangler

I know the end game is at UCLA. He won’t transfer. I think he’s frustrated and annoyed and probably a bit angry. I have zero doubt he could be an effective quarterback. That being said…he won’t transfer.

2) If Ayers and Moore and most of our teams gels and sticks together, do think next year we will start competing for the Pac-12 championship and a NC? And why hardly any rushes or carries for the F back? – UCLA34

First: Next year, Pac-10/12/18/81/717 is a lofty goal, but if things come together COMPLETELY, and I mean completely, I’ll just say I wouldn’t be shocked. And I mean completely. That means Ayers and Moore stay, Sean Sheller gets another year of eligibility, a decent recruiting class provides depth, Kevin Prince and Johnathan Franklin are healthy ALL YEAR, etc. etc. etc. If Jeff Baca and Datone Jones are healthy, I think UCLA beats Kansas State and competes against Stanford. That’s how close things are. But it needs to play out perfectly. Regarding the F-back, there are no real answers. It will come as the offense matures. Be patient. That being said…get Damien Thigpen and Anthony Barr the dang football.

3) Did the football team just cost us a big time basketball recruit? According to scout.com Josiah Turner has committed to Arizona. He visited UCLA last week and probably saw the Bruins get destroyed by Stanford. He visits Arizona this week and sees them upset #9 Iowa. – bruin pride

And the most ridiculous comment of the week goes to…bruin pride! Congrats, my friend.

4) Hey Jon — thanks for all your hard work. With regards to the Houston game and the practices leading up to it, do you think our team a) played as well as they did in practice, b) played better than they did in practice, or c) played worse than they did in practice? I assume the answer would be C for K-State and Stanford? Thanks. – Anonymous

For the Houston game, I would say they played better than they did in practice, even though they practiced well. For K-State, I would say they played a bit worse, but not by much (Prince’s health was the sole reason for the loss, IMO). For Stanford, I’d say D) Yuck.

5) Is Kai Forbath a better kicker than Justin Medlock (who got drafted in the NFL). In other words, what do you think are chances that Forbath gets on an NFL roster? – Anonymous

Yes and 100 percent, if he’s healthy.

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  • Mikey Likes It!

    I honestly believe Brehaut will be the starter before the end of the year. The pistol is as a brutal offense for a quarterback that is required to run. Risk of injury is significantly increased. I would wager Prince gets hurt before the end of the year and Brehaut takes over.

  • Blitzed

    Did someone really ask if we’ll start competing for a National title? Really? God I love delusion. Even the conference is insanely lofty anytime soon. And with Utah coming, it’s not going to be getting any easier.

  • Coach Thom

    It’s understandable that all the Trogan trolls who frequent this board are desperately hoping that major injuries and other unforeseen misfortunes befall our program this year. We will battle on regardless, whether it’s with Prince, Brehaut, or Bell at QB, and with what other players need to step up in any position. The system is definitely taking shape, the players are gaining maturity, and the coaches are much more confident in their decisions. We face a brutal schedule, but we will acquit ourselves very respectably.

  • Anonymous

    If Brehaut isn’t starting by the end of the year he should transfer. He’s too go to ride the pine.